Class 5 Maths

Mathematics is a basic subject that is included in the CBSE syllabus from class 1. Maths is used by everyone from their childhood for counting birds or for dividing chocolates. But some students don’t find math interesting as they fail to understand the concepts. Class 5 math counts as the basic level of math and students must understand the concepts in this standard to cope up with the concepts in further classes.

The CBSE syllabus for class 5 is designed by subject experts according to CCE guidelines. In 5th class maths, students learn basic mathematics like subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, fractions etc. The 5th standard maths makes students wise in terms of analyzing correct things or in terms of decision making. Students who want to develop their reasoning and logical skills should learn the concepts of standard 5 maths from the basic level.

To understand the mathematics concepts to prepare well for the exam it is very important to know the syllabus. Once students get an idea about the syllabus they can easily start with exam preparation. India’s best teachers conduct classes on BYJU’S. Teaching is conducted by explaining topics with colourful creative images, diagrams, 3D, animated videos and are interactive in order to keep the session lively. Kids can easily get distracted and bored to become uninterested in learning. So to avoid the same and since kids are highly imaginative this method of teaching along with practical experiments, quiz, assignments are carried out. The CBSE syllabus for Class 5 maths is given below:

The syllabus covers and explains everyday events with the facts of maths. To be through with all the 14 chapters keep solving chapter wise exercise, sample papers, CBSE question papers, worksheets. For more maths related study materials and textbooks checkout CBSE Class 5

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