NCERT solutions class 5 Maths Chapter-2 Shapes And Angles

NCERT solutions class 5 maths chapter 2, Shapes and Angles includes explanations about different angles and shapes in geometry. CBSE has prescribed this chapter in the NCERT publications for class 5 maths. NCERT textbooks are available on BYJU’S. Students can download class 5 maths notes, pdfs, textbooks – NCERT class 5 Math book and other study materials to prepare and score well in the exam.

At BYJU’S, the chapter SHAPES AND ANGLES is explained in an interactive way with interesting pictures, 3D models, images and videos so that the students  don’t lose interest and get distracted. Assignments, worksheets are given for practice. Below is a sample of NCERT class 5 maths worksheets for chapter 2:

Q1. What is the angle made between the hands of the clock when it is 9:10 am?

Q2. What is the angle between arm and hand?

Q3. What is the angle between thigh and abdomen?

Q4. How to make equal angles?

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NCERT solutions class 5 Maths chapter 2
NCERT solutions class 5 Maths chapter 2
NCERT solutions class 5 Maths chapter 2

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