NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions are prepared by our subject experts to provide accurate and easy solutions for all the problems covered in class 4 to 12 NCERT textbooks. It helps the students of all classes to attain the right approach for precisely answering the textbook questions. These solutions develop a strong conceptual base in students which plays a major role in the later stages for successful competition of competitive exams. We at BYJU’S provide detailed solutions to NCERT problems where the students can readily prepare all the concepts covered in the syllabus of their respective classes in a much better and effective way.

We have also provided keynotes after every chapter with the detailed summary, important formulas and well-illustrated examples touching all the necessary topics explained in the textbooks. The students seeking solutions of NCERT questions can now put their search to stop. These solutions of NCERT textbooks are prepared after excessive research, making it one of the best solution materials available on the internet. It provides a step-by-step explanation to every question given in the textbooks. These NCERT solutions can also prove to be of valuable aid to students in their home assignments and preparation of boards and competitive exams as well.

The students can download chapter-wise class 4 to 12 solutions of NCERT from the links mentioned below.

NCERT Solutions Class-wise:

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 to 12 in PDF

The solutions showcased in the given resource cover all the necessary aspects of the NCERT syllabus (2018-2019). The examination authorities of competitive as well as board exams have clearly emphasized the importance of textbooks. The syllabus of these exams is mapped with the NCERT books, therefore, the students can expect a lot of questions taken directly from these textbooks.

Class 12 NCERT Solutions

If you are looking for for the perfect NCERT Solutions for Class 12, then BYJU’S is the right place to download the class 12 subjects chapter-wise in PDF format. Here are the Subject-wise NCERT solved solutions:

Class 11 NCERT Solutions

Get perfect NCERT Solutions for Class 11 here in BYJU’S. Download the class 11 subjects chapter-wise solutions in PDF format. Below is the list of Subject-wise NCERT solved solutions for 11th standard:

Class 10 NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 is available here in BYJU’S website. Students can easily download the solutions for class 10 subjects in PDF format for all the chapters. Click on the links provided below for 10th standard NCERT solutions;

Class 9 NCERT Solutions

Students, preparing for the exams, can get here perfect NCERT Solutions for Class 9, only with BYJU’S, which they can download easily in PDF format for Maths and Science subjects, chapter-wise. Click on the below given links for Subject-wise NCERT solved solutions:

Class 8 NCERT Solutions

NCERT solutions for class 8 students are made available here for the preparation of exams. BYJU’S provides class 8 Maths and Science subjects, chapter-wise solutions in PDF format. You can download the PDF’s easily by clicking the links given below for Subject-wise NCERT solved solutions:

Class 7 NCERT Solutions

For students of Class 7, BYJU’S is providing free NCERT Solutions in PDF format, so that they can download them and practice well for exams. The NCERT solved solutions are available for Maths and Science subjects, chapter-wise in the below given links.

Class 6 NCERT Solutions

BYJU’S is providing perfect NCERT Solutions for Maths and Science subjects of Class 6. Students can get the PDF format of chapter-wise NCERT solved solutions for both the major subjects in the below-given links.

Class 5 NCERT Solutions

Students, who are preparing for Class 5 final exams, can refer to NCERT Solutions to do preparations for Maths and Science subjects, chapter-wise. BYJU’S is providing free downloadable PDF formats for NCERT solved solutions for 5th standard, given here:

Class 4 NCERT Solutions

To get NCERT Solutions for Class 4 for Maths and Science subjects, visit BYJU’S. Here, you will get PDF format for all the chapter-wise NCERT solved solutions, which students can practice for the exams. Go through the links given below for respective subjects.

Key Features of BYJU’S NCERT Solutions

  • Designed and reviewed by our subject experts to deliver easy and accurate solutions.
  • Step by step approach for better understanding.
  • The solution module is framed in lucid and easy to understand format.
  • Exercise-wise solved examples for better understanding.
  • The solutions are prepared using suitable illustrations and graphs for better and quick understanding.
  • Trouble-free access to chapter-wise NCERT solutions.
  • Quality explanation to provide an in-depth understanding of concepts.
  • Strengthens problem-solving skills by describing multiple ways to tackle problems.
  • Topic-specific coverage of entire syllabus

Nowadays, a lot of reference books are available in the market. However, instead of providing basic knowledge, these reference books are full of concise notes which can confuse and deviate students from their targets. Therefore, the students are advised to stick to NCERT textbooks and practice Exemplar problems for outstanding performance.

How Solutions of NCERT benefit Students?

Over the years, the exam experts have clearly emphasized the role of class 6 to 12 NCERT textbooks in the preparation of boards as well as competitive exams. However, most of the students don’t realize the importance of these textbooks and usually ignore them, making their preparation even more hectic and confusing. The NCERT solutions provided by BYJU’S help students for better understanding of fundamentals.

Importance of NCERT Solutions

Apart from traditional textbook questions, we have also provided additional high order level thinking problems which are likely to be expected in boards and competitive exams. It includes conceptual questions, MCQs, Long and short answer type questions, etc. These NCERT Solutions are designed to benefit both students and teachers by providing chapter-wise additional problems focussing primarily on testing conceptual knowledge with applications. Here, we have provided some of the important ways in which the solutions of NCERT can benefit students of class 4 to 12 in general.

  1. Strengthens the Conceptual Base: Designed and developed by our experienced professionals, these solutions are extensively researched and suitably structured to provide the chapter-wise comprehensive answer for each question mentioned in the NCERT textbooks for all classes. These solutions of NCERT help students to figure out the gaps between paper framed and the content of the course. Be it any exam, these solutions will clear the basics and play an important role in the preparation.

  1. Develops an Ability to solve questions with ease: We have designed these solutions in a manner to help students in case of doubts or queries in a precise manner. The solutions are beautifully explained with examples using related problems. Apart from that, practice questions are provided at the end of each chapter to help students for better understanding. These solutions of NCERT come extremely handy during exam preparations by providing a quick and effective revision, thereby, saving a lot of your preparation time.

  1. Helps in the preparation of Competitive Exams: These solutions enable students to develop a strong grip on basic maths and science concepts from the very beginning itself. The benefitting assistance of these solutions doesn’t stop with boards or school exams only; rather it also helps in the preparation of undergraduate and graduate level competitive exams like JEE Main, BITSAT, NEET, NSO, NTSE, CAT, KVPY, GRE, and more.

  1. Brings Positive Results: With proper illustrations and examples, our solution module increases the level of confidence and help students to excel in the examination. It builds a conceptual understanding of all topics by providing sufficient examples for practice. For better results, the students are advised to practice long and short answer type, match type and fill in the blanks type questions provided at the end of every chapter. Practicing NCERT problems will give you an easy hand at twisted questions as well.

Apart from this, we have also provided NCERT Exemplars that covers additional problems of a higher level and are meant for aiding in-depth conceptual learning. The students preparing for engineering or medical entrance exams are advised to focus more on NCERT class 11 and 12 solutions. These solutions strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum making them sufficient enough not only for board exams but for competitive exams as well.

BYJU’S also offers tips & tricks to prepare CBSE exams with NCERT solutions along with the class-wise revision notes and NCERT model question papers that helps students to prepare for the entrance tests and solve questions easily. Cheers!