NCERT Books for Class 11 Statistics

Books are one of the most important elements of an exam. Students must refer to NCERT Books for Class 11 Statistics, which are easy to understand so that they don’t face any problems at the time of examination. Class 11 NCERT textbook of Statistics follows the latest CBSE syllabus as prescribed by the Board. It is an important subject for Commerce students. Statistics refers to that branch of knowledge that helps in the scientific collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of numerical facts. The knowledge of Statistics will provide students a firm foundation that will help them to carry out the statistical problems which are required in Education.

Download NCERT Books for Class 11 Statistics both in English and Hindi provided in PDF format.

When it comes to exam preparation students are advised to build up a thorough knowledge of their NCERT Books for Class 11 Statistics. The textbook explains all concepts and topics elaborately along with suitable examples. The language used in the textbook is easily understandable and at the end of each and every chapter, there are exercise questions for students to practice. Students can refer to other study materials for preparation but NCERT books are the best resource to score well in exam.

Chapter-wise NCERT Statistics Book for Class 11 in English

Chapter-wise NCERT Statistics Book for Class 11 in Hindi

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