CBSE Previous Year Question Paper Class 10

CBSE previous year papers class 10 are regarded as a worthy learning resource for the students preparing for their class 10 board examinations. By practicing these previous year question papers the students can easily get an idea about the topics important for the examination point of view along with the types of questions that might be asked in the coming board examinations. These CBSE previous year Question papers class 10 will also assist the students to get aware of the marking scheme of the examination. Solving these previous year question papers on a regular basis enhances the self-confidence and reduces the examination stress.

Due to the constant pressure of regular assessments in school and coaching institutes, the focus on the key concepts might get deviated. This is where the previous year question papers come handy. These CBSE board previous year question papers class 10 serve as a checklist to see if all the important concepts have been prepared.

Solving CBSE board previous year question papers class 10 is the essential part of your board exam preparation. It enables students to revise each and every important topic included in CBSE Class 10 syllabus very effectively and quickly. The time required for solving any particular section during the actual exam can be managed effectively if the students have a proper understanding of the exam pattern and its difficulty. Therefore it is essential for students to solve at least five to six previous year question papers while preparing for any particular subject to enhance their speed, accuracy, confidence, exam temperament, and time management skills.

The students can easily download CBSE Previous year papers class 10 by clicking the links mentioned below:

Practise This Question

Statement 1: Myopia is corrected by the use of concave lens

Statement 2: A concave lens diverges the light coming from the object kept at infinity and makes it appear to be within the far point of myopic eye, which then acts as the object for the myopic eye thus helping to view it