GSEB Syllabus

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board shortly known as GSEB is a state government body which is responsible for conducting exams, designing of GSEB syllabus, research, and development in the state of Gujarat. Students who are going to appear in SSC and HSC Gujarat board examination can check the GSEB new syllabus which is given below.

The Gujarat Board conducts the SSC board and HSC board examination for class 10 and class 12 to examine the knowledge and academic progress of students and promote them to a higher level. Students are advised to get familiar with the GSEB syllabus details thoroughly before starting preparing for the examination.

The syllabus is one of the most important element to prepare for an exam. Here is the entire syllabus of Gujarat Secondary Education Board (Class X) and HSC (Class XII) examination. Students should check the entire GSEB new syllabus carefully and start preparing for their exam.

GSEB Std 10 Syllabus

We have provided the GSEB SSC syllabus for Science and Mathematics in the table given below.

GSEB Class 10 Math syllabus:

GSEB SSC Syllabus for Maths
Chapter 1 Number Systems
Chapter 2 Algebra

  • Polynomials
  • Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Arithmetic Progressions
Chapter 3 Trigonometry

  • Introduction To Trigonometry
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Heights And Distances
Chapter 4 Coordinate Geometry

  • Lines (In Two-Dimensions)
Chapter 5 Geometry

  • Triangles
  • Circles
  • Constructions
Chapter 6 Mensuration

  • Areas Related To Circles
  • Surface Areas And Volumes
Chapter 7 Statistics And Probability

  • Statistics
  • Probability

GSEB Class 10 Science syllabus:

GSEB SSC Syllabus for Science
Chapter 1 Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour
Chapter 2 World of Living
Chapter 3 Effects of Current
Chapter 4 Reflection of light at curved surfaces, Images formed by spherical mirrors, centre of curvature, principal axis, principal
Chapter 5 Management of natural resources Management of natural resources. Conservation and judicious use of natural resources. Forest and wildlife, coal and petroleum conservation. Examples of People’s participation for conservation of natural resources

GSEB Class 10 Social Science syllabus:

Unit No Unit Name
1 Heritage of India
2 Cultural Heritage of India: Traditional Handicraft and Fine Arts
3 Cultural Heritage of India: Sculpture and Architecture
4 Literary Heritage of India
5 India’s Heritage of Science and Technology
6 Places of Indian Cultural Heritage
7 Preservation of Our Heritage
8 Natural Resources
9 Forests and Wildlife Resources
10 India: Agriculture
11 India: Water Resources
12 India: Minerals and Energy Resources
13 Manufacturing Industries
14 Transportation, Communication and Trade
15 Economic Development
16 Economic Liberalization and Globalization
17 Economic Problems and Challenges: Poverty and Unemployment
18 Price Rise and Consumer Awareness
19 Human Development
20 Social Problems of India and Challenges
21 Social Change

GSEB Std 12 Syllabus

We have provided the GSEB HSC syllabus for Science and Mathematics in the table given below.

GSEB HSC Physics Syllabus:

Chapter 1: Static Electricity Chapter 2: Current Electricity
Chapter 3: Magnetic effects of electric current and magnetism Chapter 4: Electromagnetic induction and alternating current (A.C)
Chapter 5: Electromagnetic waves Chapter 6: Optics
Chapter 7: Atom and Nucleus Chapter 8: Radiation & Dual Nature of Matter
Chapter 9: Semiconductor Devices Chapter 10: Communication System

GSEB HSC Biology Syllabus:

Chapter 1: Physiology of Plants Chapter 2: Physiology of Animals
Chapter 3: Reproduction, Growth and Development Chapter 4: Ecology and Environment
Chapter 5: Biology and Human Welfare

GSEB HSC Chemistry Syllabus:

Chapter 1: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding Chapter 2: Solid State
Chapter 3: Solution Chapter 4: Thermodynamics
Chapter 5: Electrochemistry Chapter 6: Chemical kinetics
Chapter 7: Surface Chemistry Chapter 8: p-Block Elements
Chapter 9: d-and f-Block Elements Chapter 10: Coordination Compounds
Chapter 11: Nuclear Chemistry Chapter 12: Stereochemistry
Chapter 13: Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen Chapter 14: Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Chapter 15: Polymers Chapter 16: Biomolecules
Chapter 17: Chemistry in Everyday life

GSEB HSC Maths Syllabus:

Chapter 1: Relations And Functions Chapter 2: Algebra
Chapter 3: Calculus Chapter 4: Vectors And Three-Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 5: Linear Programming Chapter 6: Probability

We have covered the New syllabus for GSEB class 10 and class 12. To get latest updates on GSEB 2019 exam, keep visiting us. We have also provided the gseb textbook for classes 1 to 12.

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