GSEB Class 11 Biology Syllabus

GSEB Class 11 Biology Syllabus consists of a clear, sequential flow of concepts and topics taught in the subject for the academic year. Students can refer to it and plan their studies. The students by referring to the several units in the syllabus would get an exposure to several Biology branches in a more contextual way.

GSEB Class 11 Biology Syllabus

Knowing the entire GSEB Class 11 Biology Syllabus for the current academic year is the best way for the students to plan for their studies and prepare for the board exams. Here, we have provided details of the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Class 11 Biology and the chapters covered for Biology in Semesters 1 and 2. Some topics and concepts that are covered under GSEB Class 11 Biology Syllabus for Semester 1 and 2 include Classification of Plant Kingdom, Cell Structure, Animal Tissue and more.

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GSEB Class 11 Biology Semester 1
Chapter Nos Name of Chapters
1 Classification of Living Organisms
2 Taxonomical Aids
3 Classification of Plant Kingdom
4 Classification of Animal Kingdom
5 Cell Structure
6 Biomolecules-I (Carbohydrates and Lipids)
7 Biomolecules-II (Proteins, Nucleicadics and Enzymes)
8 Cell Cycles and Cell Divisions
9 Animal Husbandry and Plant Breeding
10 Human Health and Diseases (Immunity, Vaccination, Cancer, Aids)
11 Microbes and Human Welfare
GSEB Class 11 Biology Semester 2
Chapter Nos Name of Chapters
1 Plant Morphology -1 (Root, Stem and Leaf)
2 Plant Morphology -2 (Flower, Fruit, Seed and Family)
3 Anatomy of Flowering Plants
4 Animal Tissue
5 Animal Morphology and Anatomy-I
6 Animal Morphology and Anatomy-II

The concepts that are dealt with in GSEB Class 11 Biology are mentioned in the table above. Students can start referring to them and prepare for the exams. Some of them are Taxonomical Aids, Cell Structure, Cell Cycles and Cell Divisions, Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Animal Tissue and so on.

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