GSEB Textbook For Class 11 Science

The Gujarat secondary and higher secondary board of education (GSEB) is a government educational body of Gujarat state. The main function of Gujarat Education Board is to conduct SSC and HSC exams, design GSEB syllabus, and textbooks. Books play a major role in a student’s life. The PDFs for GSEB Textbook std 11 Science are given here. Textbooks of Gujarat Board are structured as per the latest GSEB syllabus. The main aim of providing textbooks in downloadable form is to make the books accessible to students from anywhere and any time.

The concepts taught in class 11 are essential for 12th standard HSC exam. Class 11 science consists of 3 subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students must understand each and every concept and fundamentals of the subjects to attempt all the questions that appear in the final exam. Thorough preparation can be possible by understanding the previous year question papers pattern and by solving GSEB Sample Papers.

The Gujarat Board textbooks std 11 science are created in such a way that students understand all the concepts easier to develop their mental skills to approach all type of questions.

Students can download the GSEB Textbook for class 11 Science stream from the links given here. We have provided the gseb books for Science and Technology as well as Mathematics textbooks for both the semesters.

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Practise This Question

Assertion (A): Water boiling in an open vessel at a fixed temperature is an example of physical equilibrium.
Reason (R): Temperature does not change during the process of boiling. Which of the following is correct?

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