ICSE Sample Papers for class 2 to 12

ICSE Sample Question Papers are prepared based on the latest ICSE Syllabus. These are model questions that are expected to come in the board exams. ICSE Sample papers provided on this page for class 6 to class 12 serves as an important study material for all students who are appearing for the ICSE board exams. These question papers are designed according to the ICSE syllabus and current marking scheme.

ICSE Sample Papers will help you build a strong foundation for solving problems in the board exams. This not only helps students get familiarized with the exam pattern but also gives students the opportunity to have an in-depth knowledge of the topics to be studied.

With BYJU’S you can gain confidence and will be ready to face your school examinations and Board examinations as well. These ICSE Sample Papers cover important concepts from an examination perspective.

Importance Of ICSE Sample Papers

While preparing for the ICSE exam, it is very important to solve sample papers as your exam preparation would be incomplete without working on sample papers which help to fortify your ICSE exam preparation. There are multitude advantages of solving sample papers.

By reading only the textbook, a student tends to overlook a lot of information as it is humanly impossible to grasp it all. This is where sample papers play an important role as it helps to understand the type of questions that can be expected in the examination.

Solving sample papers will help you to get familiarized with the exam pattern. Knowing the exam pattern helps to gain confidence and constant solving of sample papers will help you increase practice, speed, and accuracy.

The major advantage of solving sample paper is, it helps you to understand the examiner’s way of thinking. Students get to analyze the question and answer accordingly which will help them to perform better and answer what is necessary based on the type of question asked.

We have compiled sample papers for the students of ICSE board, which will help them to garner confidence and understand the exam and paper pattern.

Subjects Offered By ICSE Board

Group Subjects Offered
Group  I English
History, Civics & Geography
Indian Language
Group II Mathematics
Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
Environmental Science
Computer Science
Agricultural Science
Commercial Studies
Technical Drawing
A Modern Foreign Language
A Classical Language
Group III Computer Applications
Economic Applications
Commercial Applications
Performing Arts
Home Science
Fashion Designing
Physical Education
Technical Drawing Applications
Environmental Applications


Practise This Question

An aqueous solution of X is is added slowly to an aqueous solution of Y as shown in Column I. The variation in conductivity of these reactions is given in Column II. Match Column I with Column II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Columns.
Column IColumn IIP.(C2H5)3XN+CH3COOHY1.Conductivity decreases and then increasesQ.KI(0.1M)X+AgNO3Y(0.01M)2.Conductivity decreases and then does not change muchR.CH3COOHX+KOHY3.Conductivity increases and then does not change muchS.NaOHX + HIY4.Conductivity does not change much and then increases

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