ISC Maths Books for Class 12

ISC Maths Class 12 is important for a student because the marks scored in the 12th standard will help the students to take admission to their desired college after class 12th. To score good marks in the Class 12th examination, one should solve the previous year question papers, sample papers, etc.

Solving question papers and sample question papers is not enough to score good marks in the class 12th examination. It is advised to follow ISC Class 12 books to write quality answers on the answer sheet. Sometimes students get confused with all the kinds of material which are available in the market. Sometimes the books purchased provide alternate information than what the ISC Mathematics syllabus had intended for them to learn.

Below is the list of some ISC Mathematics books for class 12.

Sl No. Books Authors
1. S. Chand’s ISC Mathematics Class – XII O.P. Malhotra, S.K. Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal
2. ISC Mathematics Class 12 – R D Sharma ( Vol 1 & Vol 2) R D Sharma
3. Understanding I.S.C. Mathematics Class XII M.L. Aggarwal

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