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ICSE Books are essential materials for students of all classes. The ICSE textbooks work as instruction manuals for students during their studies. These ICSE books work as a guide for students as well as for teachers. Teachers rely on ICSE Books while teaching any particular subject. Students have to cover the entire ICSE syllabus for the academic year through these ICSE textbooks. The chapters and the topics mentioned in the ICSE textbooks form the basic foundation of students. So, it is very important to be well-equipped with the ICSE Books of all subjects and have a proper understanding of the concepts. Students can download the list of ICSE List of Prescribed textbooks by clicking the below-highlighted link. Furthermore, we have also provided the lists of prescribed books for ICSE Class 8, 9 and 10 on this page.

Download PDF of ICSE List of Prescribed Textbooks

Download PDF Download PDF

Students should study from the selected books of ICSE as studying from various books will only make studies more complex or will only confuse students. Often the assignments and projects or homework given are done with the help of ICSE textbooks. The ICSE Books normally offer in-depth knowledge about a subject to the students. ICSE Books are considered as the ultimate preparation tools for students, without which learning is incomplete.

List of Prescribed ICSE Textbooks

Students should have a thorough knowledge of their textbook to answer all the questions asked in the final exam. While preparing the question paper, teachers take references from the ICSE textbooks. To help the ICSE students know about the best reference books for ICSE Class 8, 9 and 10, along with a list of top ICSE Books, are given here. Students can access these ICSE textbooks by visiting the links below. Upon visiting the class link, students can download the ICSE books PDF for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects.

ICSE Books for Class 8 to 12

Check the table given below for reference ICSE textbooks:

ICSE Books
ICSE Books For Class 8
ICSE Books For Class 9
ICSE Books For Class 10

ISC Books

Students can also get the ISC books for Class 11 and 12 from the table below:

ISC Books
ICSE Books For Class 11
ICSE Books For Class 12

The ICSE textbook covers everything from the base to a higher level. These ICSE textbooks follow simple language, and concepts are illustrated descriptively. Most of the topics are explained through examples, and some of them through diagrams wherever necessary.

ICSE Books for Class 6 to 10 with Selina Solutions

ICSE Selina Books
ICSE Class 10 Books with Selina Solutions
ICSE Class 9 Books with Selina Solutions
ICSE Class 8 Books with Selina Solutions
ICSE Class 7 Books with Selina Solutions
ICSE Class 6 Books with Selina Solutions

What are ICSE Reference Books?

Students from all the CISCE-affiliated schools take the ICSE exams every year. The schools follow some particular guidelines and a set of certain textbooks. The ICSE reference books are according to the CISCE curriculum, and some books are also followed as textbooks in many schools. Additionally, reference books can be helpful in gaining insights about the syllabus topics.

Importance of ICSE Reference Books

Reference books can help a lot in preparing for exams and understanding every topic efficiently. Some ICSE books may not explain a particular topic properly, and at that time, reference books can be of great help. It can be said that having reference books can provide additional guidance and help the students to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus topics.

Notable ICSE Reference Books

There are several ICSE books that one can follow. Some of the most notable authors and publishers of ICSE books for Science and Maths include:

  • Concise series by Selina Publications
  • Candid ICSE books
  • S.Chand Publications
  • Understanding ICSE Mathematics series by M.L. Aggarwal
  • Together With series by Rachna Sagar publications
  • APC Mathematics
  • RD Sharma

These were some of the famous ICSE Books and publications that can be followed for classes 8-10 of the CISCE board. To check class-wise best reference ICSE textbooks, visit the links given in the above table. It is important to choose the books according to self-preference, content and way of presenting.

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