ICSE Class 7 History and Civics Sample Papers

ICSE Class 7 History and Civics sample paper will help you determine important topics to study, understand and memorise so as to score well in the exams. ICSE History and Civics paper will give a model for studying important topics and its significances. BYJU’S sample papers for ICSE Class 7 History and Civics sort out important topics and hence saves you the enormous time you put into reading. These sample papers will give a hint on the important chapter you should cover to do well in exams, according to the ICSE Class 7 Syllabus.

ICSE History and Civics for Class 7 have two sections in it. Section A has questions related to History consisting of about 60 marks which are again subdivided into one and two marks questions. Section B has questions related to Civics which are subdivided into 5 and 10 marks questions which add up to 20 marks in the final paper. Students can understand the exam pattern using the ICSE Sample Papers given here.

Download ICSE Class 7 History and Civics Sample Paper from the links given below.

ICSE class 7 History and Civics Sample Paper Set 1

Benefits of sample papers

  1. Helps you memorise important events and years.
  2. Help you sort out the important topics with respect to exams.
  3. One can learn about amends, rules and regulations.
  4. The ICSE Class 7 Sample Papers provide you with the necessary practice before attending the exams.


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