ICSE Class 8 Maths

The ICSE Board Class 8 mathematics concentrates on the basic geometry, trigonometry, the concept of numbers, algebra, profit and loss. The subject aids in building basic aptitude and concepts that would be beneficial for all the students in higher classes as well as in daily life scenarios. While working on the problem-based question, it is advisable to go through the question repeatedly to get the exact idea of what exactly has to be solved.

Why should you learn Maths in Class 8?

  • Learning math is good for your brain.
  • With the help of math, you can tell time.
  • Math helps you with your budgets and finances.
  • You can shop a good sale if you understand maths.

ICSE Class 8 Maths Chapters


Linear Inequations

Rational Numbers

Linear Equations


Understanding Shapes

Squares and Square Roots

Representing 3-D in 2-D

Cubes and Cube Roots

Construction of Special Types of Quadrilaterals

Playing With Numbers

Introduction to Graphs


Line Symmetry and Reflection



Profit, Loss and Discount

Area of Rectilinear Figures

Simple and Compound Interest

Surface Area and Volume of Solids

Direct and Inverse Variations

Data Handling

Algebraic Expressions


Algebraic Identities

ICSE Class 8 Maths Syllabus

ICSE Class 8 Maths Selina Solutions

ICSE Class 8 Maths Sample paper

ICSE Class 8 Maths Important questions

ICSE Class 8 Maths Videos

How to prepare for ICSE Class 8 Maths Examination?

  1. Practice with sample papers and Previous year question papers.
  2. Refresh the formulas.
  3. Increase the speed of solving problems.
  4. Understand time management.
  5. Stick to the syllabus.

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