ISC Class 11 and 12 Syllabus- Download PDF

ISC examination board has a dynamic as well as a progressive syllabus with their question papers pretty standardised. The valuation of the answer sheets of ISC class 11 and 12 is done precisely, with a certain level of accuracy, unlike the other boards. ISC examinations allow you to appear for the examination from your school, in turn giving you a chance to write the exam from your comfort zone.

Advantages of ISC Syllabus

  1. The Indian School Certificate following the ISC syllabus has an international value.
  2. The ISC syllabus makes sure that the English literature is taught in depth. English is the medium of teaching in ISC or ISCE certified schools.
  3. The ISC board is the most systematic and disciplined board in the country, even in the case of conducting exams and declaring the results.
  4. The difficulty level of the subjects is equally distributed so that students won’t feel pressurised as they move to higher classes.
  5. The syllabus has been reformed in order to match the level of CBSE or other competitive exams like JEE.

Download ISC Class wise Syllabus

ISC Class 11 Syllabus
ISC Class 12 Syllabus

How does syllabus help students learn effectively?

  1. The syllabus gives a brief about the topics that are to be learned in that particular academic year.
  2. It also mentions the mark distribution for different chapters helping you get an idea on which chapter needs more of your time and hard work.
  3. Knowing your syllabus will help you decide how much time should be allotted to each chapter.
  4. Going through your syllabus well will help you create an effective and efficient time table.

Practise This Question

In an isosceles ΔABC, A is 30. The sides AB and AC are equal. Using constructions, find which side of ΔABC is the shortest.

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