CBSE Notes For Class 12

CBSE class 12 board exam is considered extremely important as it reflects one’s fundamental knowledge and scholastic skills. Generally, CBSE conducts the class 12 exam in the month of March for all the affiliated schools.

Class 12 syllabus includes a wide variety of topics and fundamental concepts that the students must be well acquainted with to be able to solve the questions in board exams and in other competitive exams.

To help the students study for class 12 more efficiently, here the CBSE notes for class 12 for all the subjects are provided. The notes are easily understandable and cover most of the concepts in an engaging way.

Click on the links given below to download CBSE class 12 Notes:

Along with these notes, students can also check Byju’s videos of different topics to learn all the class 12 topics in a more effective way. Keep visiting Byju’s to get previous year question papers and practice sample papers to prepare for board exam efficiently.

Practise This Question

What is the angle between the electric field vectors at points A and B because of an infinitely long line charge as shown?