ICSE Class 7

Visualizing Heat

Acids and Bases

Class 7th ICSE exam is considered to be a basics building block for future class. Fundamentals of various topics are introduced in class 7. These topics can be learned in an interesting way and can keep students engaged with studies if they get to know how things work in a practical sense. This will help them to retain everything that they study for a prolonged duration. Keeping this in view, and the importance of the topics dealt with in class 7, BYJU’S have designed interesting video sessions class 7 which can be helpful for students studying in class 7th ICSE board.

We at BYJU’S provide students with video lessons on all topics under Science & Maths, with interesting videos where one can easily grasp the conceptual knowledge, rather than just mugging up the formulas and questions just like in traditional means of learning. These videos are adaptive & interactive in nature that creates interest amongst the students for studies and enhance their thinking ability far beyond their potential, which can be done by actually understanding the process carried out in any method. Also, students can take the test online, which is essential for determining their preparation. Expert teachers at BYJU’S can help you to guide you to become skillful in the subject by analyzing the test report. All this definitely help to improve the knowledge by making learning along with fun.

Practise This Question

Which of the following will produce more heat?
1.  3 kg of fuel X (Calorific value= 12000 J/kg)
2.  4 Kg of fuel Y (Calorific value= 10000 J/kg)