JEE Main Rank Predictor

JEE Main rank predictor is a useful tool for candidates who want to calculate their approximate rank.  The tool has especially been developed to help the candidates get some idea about their probable rank even before the final or official results are declared. As for the mechanism of the tool, the results are predicted on the basis of statistics from the results of previous years while considering the difficulty level of the current exam. However, candidates should not completely depend on JEE Mains Rank Predictor and view it only as a means of reference only.

Today, there are a lot of rank predictor tools that are available online. Students or JEE candidates can easily access them and use it to know their estimated ranks. However, when candidates are using these tools they have to remember that the result is just a tentative one and not the final one. In any case, with the help of the tool, they will get a rough idea of what their rank will be and how much score is needed to qualify for the second round which is JEE Advanced. Additionally, students will understand the difference between JEE marks vs ranks.

How To Use The Rank Predictor For JEE Main

The general steps that are followed for using the Rank Predictor of IIT JEE Main are given below:

Step 1 [Registration]: The Candidates must fill in the following details:

  • JEE Main Roll Number
  • Expected JEE Main Scores
  • Select Category
  • State
  • Preferred Branches
  • Preferred Location
  • Exam Appearing/Given

Step 2: Click the submit button.

Step 3 [Result]: After entering all the details and submitting it, the predicted rank will be displayed on the screen.

Note: In some cases or tools, candidates just have to input their expected percentile and they will be able to get the result.

JEE Main Rank Formula

The JEE Main rank can also be calculated by using the following formula;

((100 – P)/100)*N + 1 i.e. JEE Main 2020 rank = (100-NTA percentile score) * 874469 /100″

JEE Main Marks Vs Ranks

Alternatively, candidates can tally their IIT JEE Main scores with the scores given below to predict the expected rank. By going through the list given below, they will also understand the differences in JEE Main marks vs rank.

JEE Main Mark (Expected) JEE Main Rank (Expected)
> 326 0 – 500
301 – 325 250 – 1,000
276 – 300 1,000 – 2,200
251 – 275 2,500 – 3,700
226 – 250 3,500 – 6,500
201 – 225 7,000 – 15,000
176 – 200 10,000 – 22,000
151 – 175 18,000 – 32,000
126 – 150 27,000 – 46,000
101 – 125 41,000 – 80,000
76 – 100 1 lakh to 5 lakh
51 – 75 5.5 lakh to 9.5 lakh
26 – 50 9 lakh to 11 lakh
0 – 25 11 lakh +

JEE Main Ranks vs Percentile

Following up on the previous year’s trend analysis, we have prepared an expected range of JEE Main ranks and percentile. JEE candidates can check and get an idea of what their ranks can be, based on the percentile they receive.

Opening Percentile Closing Percentile Opening rank Closing rank
100 99.996 1 60
99.995 99.976 61 350
99.976 99.962 351 560
99.962 99.947 561 785
99.947 99.918 790 1229
99.918 99.886 1230 1699
99.886 99.846 1700 2299
99.846 99.786 2300 3199
99.786 99.735 3205 3973
99.726 99.633 4100 5499
99.633 99.540 5500 6899
99.54 99.400 6900 8999
99.4 99.266 9000 10999
99.266 99.080 11000 13799
99.08 98.853 13800 17199
98.853 98.600 17200 20999

Why Use The JEE Main 2020 Rank Predictor Tool?

JEE Main 2020 Rank Predictor tool has been developed taking details of many colleges that have been fed into the database. This will help candidates to easily predict their ranks as well as check out details of colleges and their cutoffs. There are also several benefits of using the tool. They are;

  • Analyze the level of competition and get an idea of where the candidates stand among the other candidates.
  • They can check their admission status in colleges as well as choose the colleges in advance from the predicted result.
  • They can stay one step ahead in planning things early and well before other applicants.

However, it has to be noted that the rank shown by the tool is not the actual rank instead it is solely based on the inputs provided by the candidates in the tool. In any case, those who use the tool will likely get to know about the different aspects of the result for JEE Main 2020.

Top IITs Accepting JEE Main Score

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Dharwad
  • IIT Goa
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Ropar
  • IIT Hyderabad

To know more about private as well as government colleges and other NITs you can follow the given link.

Frequently Asked Questions On IIT JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool

Are JEE Main rank predictor tools reliable?

The truth about JEE Main Rank Predictor tool is that it has been specifically developed to help the students or candidates to analyse only the estimated rank. It has to be noted that this is not the final rank. The final JEE Main Rank will be mentioned in the result after it is announced.

What is the qualifying marks required for JEE Main?

The qualifying marks for JEE Main usually change every year. It is mainly because the final marks have to be fixed or calculated depending on various factors. The exact qualifying marks is released once the entrance examination is over.

Are there category-wise cutoffs for JEE Main?

Yes, there are different cutoffs for each category like SC, ST, OBC, General, in JEE Main.

Are JEE Main scores also accepted in other colleges and institutes?

Yes, JEE Main scores are accepted in many state-level, government and private colleges or engineering institutes.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for NITs, IIITs and GFTIs?

As per the details mentioned on the official JEE Main eligibility criteria document, candidates should have secured at least 75% marks (65% for SC/ST category) or be in the top 20 percentile in 12th standard (or equivalent) board examination.

To know more about the application form, registration, eligibility criteria, syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced exams, keep exploring BYJU’S website.


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