IITJEE Mathematics Important Topics for JEE Mains & Advanced 2018

JEE Mathematics important topics

Mathematics is the foundation of complex engineering calculations. In JEE exams, most of the questions asked in Mathematics section are generally based on the formulas and their applications. You need to practice a lot for scoring well in this section. The more problems you will solve, the better will be your speed and accuracy. It would be impossible to score by just memorizing and reading formulas in mathematics. Try to master all the key concepts by visualizing and apply them to the real word problems.

In JEE, there are around 15 chapters included in Mathematics Syllabus and unlike Chemistry or Physics, there is nothing called less important or very important in mathematics as most of the chapters are interlinked. Therefore you can’t skip any particular section to focus more on any other section.

JEE Mathematics Syllabus broadly consists of the following six topics:

1. Calculus: This unit very crucial for both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced mainly because of its vastness and the level of difficulty. In every engineering Entrance Examination, you could expect several numbers of questions from this unit. You don’t have to worry much about JEE Mathematics if you develop a stronghold in this unit, therefore, you need to practice and prepare well for this unit. Important subtopics included in calculus are Limits, Differentiability Continuity, Relationship between Continuity & Differentiability, Differentiation, Integration, Definite Integrals, Integration by Parts, properties of definite integrals, Rate Measurement, Tangents and Normal, Maxima and Minima, Differential Equations and Area under curves.

2. Co-ordinate Geometry: This unit is all about understanding some geometrical shapes like circles, parabola, hyperbola and more. Questions from this unit are generally based on the application of formulas which makes it quite interesting and for most of the students it is a high scoring unit. You can fetch maximum marks from this section. Focus more on Parabola, Circle, Ellipse, straight lines and Hyperbola. Among all these Straight Lines and Circles are the most important ones.

3. 3D Geometry and Vectors: This unit is quite complex and conceptual. Its weightage in JEE is somewhat similar to Coordinate Geometry. It also includes complex numbers along with some parts of geometry. You can easily score well from this section if you understand certain complex concepts of vectors and 3D properly. Try to develop a stronghold on basics and focus more on understanding this unit through visualization.

4. Algebra: This unit is quite interesting and certain important topics like Logarithms, Matrices & Determinants & Quadratic Equations are quite easy to understand and are among the favorites for many students. Several times in JEE Mains & Advanced there were few questions from Complex Number merged with the vectors. In JEE Advanced, you can expect a passage type question from matrices and determinants and it might be the easiest one to answer. You can also expect few conceptual questions from Permutations and Combinations. Formula-based questions are generally asked from Sequence & Series and Binomial Theorem. Therefore, by avoiding silly mistakes you could easily score good marks from this portion.

5. Trigonometry: It is one of the most important topics for JEE Mains. Inverse Trigonometry, Trigonometric functions, and trigonometric ratios are some of the most imperative topics where you need to focus on. Since several numbers of questions are asked from this unit, therefore, getting the knack of some basic trigonometric concepts could surely benefit a JEE aspirant. For scoring well in this section you need to memorize all the trigonometric formulas along with their graphs and substitutions.

Now, Let’s take a look at JEE Mathematics section 2017 that includes important topics for JEE Mains (Paper 1) and JEE Advanced (Paper 1 and 2).

Important topics for JEE Mains 2017 (Paper 1) Maths Section:

JEE Mains 2017

Chapter No. of Questions
Vector Algebra 3
Conics 3
Trigonometry 3
Calculus 6
Algebra 15
Total 30 Questions

JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Section (Paper 1 and 2):

JEE Advanced 2017

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1 (Mathematics Section) 2017
Circles and Parabola 13 4
Application of Derivatives 9 3
Ellipse and Hyperbola 7 2
Permutations & Combinations 3 1
Limits & Continuity 4 1
Definite Integral and Probability 12 3
Sequence & Series 3 1
Complex Numbers and Matrices 12 3
TOTAL 61 Marks 18 Questions
JEE Advanced Paper 2 (Mathematics Section) 2017
Differential Equations & 3D 15 5
Application of Derivatives 12 3
Area of Bounded Regions 4 1
Definite Integrals & Probability 12 3
Limits & Continuity 4 1
Trigonometry & Matrices 7 2
Relations & Functions 3 1
Theory of Equations 6 2
TOTAL 61 Marks 18 Questions

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