CBSE Revision Notes

Ever since the inception of the very first schools and academic institutions, there has always been a need to assess and grade students. Therefore, exams were eventually invented and have been an integral part of education ever since.

Today, exams have a mixed perception – some regard it as a tool to weed out the incompetent, and others view it as an unjust and unnecessary hitch as they test a limited range of skills. But nonetheless, they are very important and cannot be ignored. Undoubtedly, the future of the student’s academic and professional career are directly affected by exams, and therefore, utmost efforts are to be implemented to ensure that students give their best.

Why Is Revision Important?

The learning process is student specific – I.e, some students prefer kinesthetic learning, some are auditory learners, and others may find visual learning to be more effective. But these various processes are just a part of the learning experience, the other important aspect is the revision. Students have to reinforce and retain their learning, hence revisions are a way to bring about this phase.

  • Enables the student to reinforce their learning
  • Students become more confident during exams
  • Exam stress and anxiety are reduced
  • Reduced chances of making simple, but conspicuous mistakes
  • Saves precious time during exams
  • The accuracy of answers are higher

Why Byju’s Revision Notes?

BYJU’s offers concise, yet informative revision notes that the students can use for their exam preparation. These CBSE revision notes are one of the best tools you can use as the content is presented in an easy-to-read format. Furthermore, all the chapters and their important points have been summarized in a few lines. All relevant formulas and derivations in maths and science are illustrated with simple examples.

Maths, Science Or Commerce

From Class 9 to Class 12, we cover major disciplines and core subjects. Physics, Biology, and Chemistry revision notes comprise of all chapters with concise content that is aimed at providing a detailed overview. Maths revision notes comprise of all chapters, with their relevant formulas and derivations to enable students to grasp information in a short span. Economics and business studies have their revision notes in a detailed, chapter-wise summary that is bundled along with important tips. Explore more by clicking on the below links.

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