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10 Study Hacks to Score High in Class 6

CBSE Class 6

Study Hacks to Score High in Class 6 Exam

It’s only a few months left for your final exams of CBSE Class 6. You must be in a messy situation as you are to face the secondary exam of CBSE for the first time. Don’t panic. They say, “Well begun is half done”. You still have two months of time. Manage this time and classify it for studying, revising and practicing. With few simple steps, you can shine in your exams. Today, we have gathered ten golden tips exclusively proposed by educational Experts of BYJU’s.

1. Manage Your Time

Plan the 24 hours what you have. Study for sufficient time. Go through at least three subjects in a day. Apart from studying, set a time aside for your relaxation. Do whatever interests you – listen to instrumental music, draw, paint or watch an infotainment channel for not more than an hour.

2. Write What You Learn

Once you learnt your topic, make it a habit of writing it down. Experts advice that you must try to write it down at a fast pace though it’s sensible if you don’t spoil your handwriting in this practice. This habit of writing a topic will let you analyze how much time you are taking for it. It will ultimately help you to manage your time during your exam.

3. Don’t Ignore Diagrams

When you are tired of reading, sit and draw diagrams. It will help you not only to relax and but also learn the topic as well. You can figure out what you missed while drawing it and rectify it accordingly.

4. Have Proper Sleep

Eat, Sleep, Study and relax – That should be your motto rather than breaking your head over textbooks and notes. When you are free and lying on your bed before sleep, recall what topics you learnt for the day. Ask yourself which lesson needs some more attention so that you can plan your study for the next day.

5. Exercise /Meditate

Physical movements like – walking, running, jumping, skipping, hiking and biking – metabolizes brain and makes it more active. Research states, 20 minutes of walk make a student’s brain more active than a student sitting quietly. Meditation improves concentration power, IQ level, helps to focus better, reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Thus, these habits will keep you physically and physiologically healthy during your preparation and exams.

6. Create Mental Associations

Try to relate what you learnt with different subjects. Making connections is an easy way to remember a lesson. Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something”.

7. Use Mnemonic Technique

Make short formulae or short sentences for complex data. For example –

Sin = Perpendicular/Hypotenuse

Cos = Base/Hypotenuse

Tan = Perpendicular/Base

Take the first letter of the formula and make a sentence, like – “Some People Have Curly Black Hair Through Properly Brushing.”

8. Study in a Group

Studying in a group helps you to gather new insights from your fellow mates. This process enhances your learning experience. In a group study, you share resources, interact with members and discuss ideas with your team. This habit will make your learning interactive.

9. Watch a Documentary on a Topic

To learn a subject in a fast and easy way, try to watch a video of the lesson or topic you are studying. Visuals help to retain things in an easy way. BYJU’s video tutorials are one such platform which helps you to learn in a fun way with animated videos, interactive study with mentors and adaptive learning technique.

10. Don’t Stay Up All Night Before Exam

Relax the day before your exam. Revise and go through all relevant topics. Focus on important topics. Have a proper dinner and sleep on time. Before going to bed, get your stationeries, admit card for exam and clothes ready for the next day.

With all these tips, practice more and brush yourself for the big day. Join BYJU’s for complete mentorship guidance along with video lectures and adaptive learning technique.

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