Chemistry Notes For Class 11 PDF

The subject of the Chemistry involves compound composed of atoms, combination of atoms, their composition, behaviour, structure and different reaction due to imbalance nature of atoms and molecule. Chemistry involves the formation of chemical compound by forming bonds between atoms and molecule. The bonds can be of four types namely: Covalent Bond, Ionic Bond, Hydrogen Bond and Van-der Waals force Bond.

Chemistry involves thousands of compounds and their reaction that can be a nightmare to students if the concepts are not understood properly. The subject of chemistry is introduced in class 11th which seems to be a drastic change in the life of students. Due to this change, most of the students find this subject difficult.

We at BYJU’S provide the students with ample of study material and chapterwise notes for the students of class 11th for the subject of chemistry. Students can study through the provided CBSE class 11 chemistry notes if they wish to excel in their examination.

These notes can be a great relief for the students preparing for the subject of chemistry for their board examination. Studying through these notes gives a clear understanding of the chapter.


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For a reaction at 25C enthalpy change (H) and entropy change (S) are -11.7 K J mol1 and -105 J mol1 K1, respectively. It is a spontaneous reaction