CBSE class 12 board exam although shows the end of your school life, but it also opens a new door to a great area where you can just step-in to pursue higher education as per your career desire. Therefore, board exams hold the importance in your life as a selection factor for different institutes, colleges and entrance exams that opens up a new direction.

To acquire an extra edge over the competitors, try to get a good grip on the basic concepts and fundamentals of the particular subject. Usually, Math exam includes different questions that are theorem and direct formula based. So, make sure to revise as many times as possible. The key strategy to ace the exam is repeated practice. Solve different questions by using formulas and theorems of CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 to hold a good grip on Maths.

Make a habit of solving at least 10 numerical problems daily. Write down all the important formulae at one place and memorize them. CBSE Maths Paper is a scoring subject and less time consuming as compared with other subjects. Solve different types of questions with speed and accuracy and boost your confidence.

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Practise This Question

What is the inverse of the function { (1,2),(2,3), (3,1) } from the set A ={1,2,3} to itself?