Math Notes For Class 9


Maths is the study of numbers, shapes and pattern. Maths help to solve problems that can be related to the real world. Everything in this universe follows a pattern thus the subject of mathematics can be related to the real world. The importance of the subject can be seen as every other subject includes the basic knowledge of mathematics in one or the other way. Maths have a various real-life application such as in Engineering, in Construction, Business etc.

Mathematics can be a nightmare to some students and while others really enjoy solving problems in mathematics. Students generally need to understand the subject of mathematics if they really want to overcome their fear of mathematics.

We at Byju’s provides you the notes for class 9th maths which can be really helpful for the students to score well in their examination. As maths requires understanding in the subject and a lot of practice, we also provide students NCERT solution and some important question for preparing them for their examination in a better way.

Check the links given below for maths notes for class 9th:

Practise This Question

In the given figure, AD divides BAC in the ratio 1:3. Find the value of X and ADC (in degrees).