Statistics Class 9 Notes: Chapter 14

Statistics Class 9 Notes are the premier study tool that will help students get a complete overview of chapter 14 given in the CBSE math textbook. The note provided here have been designed to offer a clear understanding of the concepts as well as helps students study effectively. Some of the important topics covered in chapter 14 notes include;

  • What is statistics
  • Collection of Data
  • Presentation of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Important Questions

What is Statistics?

Statistics basically deals with the collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data. In mathematics, statistics is applied to determine the numerical data. Some of the mathematical techniques used include linear algebra, mathematical analysis, stochastic analysis, differential equation, etc.

Collection of Data

There are different ways of collecting information and is either collected by a researcher with a clear objective in mind. This type of data obtained is called primary data. Similarly, if the information is gathered directly from a source where the information is already present, the data obtained is called secondary data. There are also types of data which is commonly categorised as qualitative and quantitative data.

Presentation of Data

The collected data needs to be presented in an organized format. Therefore, the presentation of data is usually done using tables, graphs or charts. This is done so that the statistical and logical conclusions can be easily derived from the collected measurements. Data may be presented in the form of textual, tabular or graphical.

Measures of Central Tendency

A measure of central tendency is nothing but the measurement of data that describes where the middle of the information lies. It is a single value that describes a set of data by identifying the central position. Interestingly, measures of central tendency are also referred to as summary statistics. There are three types of measures of central tendency namely the mode, median and mean.

Statistics Formulas

Statistics Class 9 Notes Chapter 14


Important Questions

Statistics Class 9 Notes Chapter 14

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