NCERT Books for Class 3 Maths

Learning Maths in Class 3 can be fun and simple, especially if we develop a keen interest in the topics mentioned in the textbook and work towards solving the problems related to the subject.

It is an important subject, which helps to understand the functioning of basic activities in day to day life. For Class 3 students, developing and sharpening Math skills is quite important, even though some are terrified to deal with the subject. Some of the topics students will be taught in Class 3 Maths subject are Fun with Numbers, Give and take, Shapes and Designs, Play with Patterns, etc. A few of the topics mentioned in the textbook will familiarize students with counting, patterns, weights, etc. so that they get the basic knowledge of the concepts which will be taught in higher classes. So, to help students in achieving the same, we have provided unit wise PDF link of NCERT Class 3 Maths.

Download PDF of Class 3 Maths In English

Download PDF of Class 3 Maths In Hindi