CBSE Class 8 Social Science Important Questions-History, Geography and Civics

If you are looking for CBSE Class 8 Social Science Important Questions, then this page is it for you. Find important questions, most of which are likely to be repeated for your exam. We have provided the respective links in a table below in this article for you to access the chapter-wise important questions of all disciplines of Social Science such as History, Geography and Civics. These questions help students to revise the Chapters well and also to score well in the exams. Answers to these important questions are prepared based on the latest syllabus, keeping in mind the aim to get a quick revision of the Chapter, thereby also helping  you to enhance your entire subject knowledge.

Find the links in the table below. You can click on these to browse through the respective Important questions of CBSE Class 8 Social Science. All the critical concepts of every Chapter from each branch of Social Science are covered in these questions.

We provide these CBSE Important Questions so that you can prepare for the exam by analysing where you stand. Based on your performance, you can plan your studies and focus more on the area of the subject you are weak in.

These important questions, help the students to prepare most competently for the exam and score proficient marks. We also offer other study materials such as the CBSE Syllabus, previous year paper, CBSE Class 8 Sample Papers, CBSE extra questions and more.


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