CBSE Class 8 Geography (Resource and Development) Important Questions

CBSE Class 8 Geography Important Questions cover the vital topics from all the chapters and have been formulated to help students comprehend the concepts more efficiently. We have compiled the Geography chapter-wise CBSE Class 8 Important Questions for the students to practise. These questions help them prepare well and score high marks in the annual exam. They can also revise the entire subject with the help of important questions. Solving these questions is the best way to face exams more confidently. It is also the aptest resource to revise all the chapters competently for the annual exams.

Students can click on the respective links given below in the table to access the important questions of a specific chapter taken from the CBSE Class 8 Geography. Some questions from the ones framed, covering the chapter’s highlights, are expected to be asked in the exams. Students can revise these questions and prepare for the exam.

Chapter 1 – Resources
Chapter 2 – Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 3 – Mineral and Power Resources
Chapter 4 – Agriculture
Chapter 5 – Industries
Chapter 6 – Human Resources

In this article, we have provided access to chapter-wise CBSE Important Questions of Class 8 Geography. These types of questions are likely to be asked in the exam, so students are advised to solve them for revision and score high marks.

We hope the important questions compiled here are useful for students. Additionally, to prepare for the exams, students can access more updated learning materials such as CBSE Extra Questions, textbooks, Sample Papers for CBSE Class 8, syllabus and more.


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