CBSE Class 8

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the oldest and prestigious educational board in the country. The board aims to provide quality education to all students so that they can succeed in their future.

CBSE Class 8 is very much important for a student. In this standard students learn all the basic concepts that they will need in their future classes. Edu experts and CBSE are in constant demand with the government to stop the CCE pattern so it is very much important for CBSE Class 8 to prepare accordingly. For CBSE Class 8 Syllabus, studying is not about remembering, it is all about understanding the topics. Students should understand the basics of each subjects as the syllabus of the next higher class is no different but it is in more detailed form.

Preparation Tips For Class 8 CBSE Exam

Class 8 would be consisting of various chapters in every subject and preparing well for the exam will require you to come up with an effective plan of the study. Don’t worry click this to know how to ace your exam and get good score.

Tips To Prepare For Class 8 CBSE Exam

Important Questions

Class 8 Maths Important Questions

In order to get some familiarity of the question paper, we have provided you with the important questions for class 8 maths. In which, you will be facing various questions which is organized chapterwise. For your ease to prepare for exams, we have provided you with:

Class 8 Science Important Questions

In order to help you prepare for the exam, we have provided you with the important questions for class 8 science, in which you will come across structured chapterwise questions. We have even categorized for you the questions such as:

As the CBSE Class 8 students are parallely preparing for Olympiads, school examinations, this is the best time for them to clear their basics as doing so they will be able to understand the topics clearly in future classes. Here at BYJU’S we encourage students to learn with the help of interacting video lessons and practice tests to help students to manage their time.

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