Important 3 Marks Questions For Class 8 Science

Science is a very interesting subject. It is a part of our daily lives, from gardening and cooking to recycling and using a computer. But many students fear the subject as they fail to understand the concepts of science. The important marks-wise question for science is given here so that students can understand the concepts in an easy manner.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a well-known educational board in India. It is known for its well-structured question pattern. The board aims to provide good education to its students so that they can excel in their academic careers. Class 8 is a crucial stage in a student’s life. Students must learn all the concepts of CBSE class 8 as it will be required for their further studies.

The 3 marks section in CBSE Class 8 science is one of the most scoring sections in the class 8 exam. Students must practice well for this section to increase their overall scores in the science exam. The important 3 marks question for class 8 is given here to help students prepare for their exam more effectively. The questions are designed by experts according to the latest CBSE class 8 syllabus of science.

The important 3 marks question for CBSE class 8 science is given below.

Question 1- Define fertilisation. Differentiate between internal and external fertilisation.

Question 2- Write short notes on the following:

i) Adam’s apple

ii) Secondary sexual characters

iii) Menopause

Question 3- What are weeds? How can we control them?

Question 4- i) Draw and label a simple circuit showing electroplating.

ii) List any two objects around you that are electroplated.

Question 5- Draw sketches to show the relative positions of prominent stars in

i) Ursa Major

ii) Orion.

Question 6- Water is one of our most precious commodities, and no life can survive without it. It has been predicted that water scarcity will become the subject of ‘Wars’ in the near future. Write any two ways in which water is getting polluted. Write any two measures to stop water pollution at your level.

Question 7- What is rusting? How can it be prevented?

Question 8- Distinguish between Fertilizer and manure.

Question 9- What are microorganisms? Name any two types of microorganisms.

Question 10- Explain two important methods of weeding and give the names of two Weeds.

Question 11- A pendulum oscillates 40 times in 4 seconds. Find its time period and frequency.

Question 12- Describe how vaccines work.

Question 13- Give the diagrammatic representation of the nitrogen cycle.

Question 14- How are twins born?

Question 15- What do you understand by the blind spot of the eye?

Question 16- What is monoculture? What is the danger linked to this practice?

Question 17- What happens when voltage is applied across electrodes placed in an electrolyte?

Question 18- Describe any three methods of preventing water pollution.

Question 19- Make a sketch of the human nerve cell. What function do nerve cells perform?

Question 20- (i) Make a labelled diagram of a candle flame.

(ii) Which zone of flame does a goldsmith use for melting gold and silver and why?

Question 21- Give three examples to show that plastics are non-corrosive in nature.

Question 22- What do you mean by global warming? Write its effects.

Question 23- What happens when-

(i) Dilute sulphuric acid is poured on a copper plate.

(ii) Iron nails are placed in a copper sulphate solution.

Question 24- State some beneficial effects of bacteria (Any three important points).

Question 25- Deforestation has greater effects on the environment? Justify your answer.

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