JEE Main Sample Papers 2019

JEE Main Sample Papers 2019

JEE Main sample papers are provided here to help candidates prepare and practice effectively for the entrance exam. Notably, the Joint Entrance Exam which is conducted in two phases Mains and Advanced is a national level engineering entrance exam conducted for facilitating admissions to premier technical institutes like NITs, IIITs and GFTIs. It is also a qualifying exam for students preparing for Advanced. The exam is structured by NTA in two sessions. Session 1 for 2019 has already been conducted in January while session 2 will be held in the month of April. Around 1.3 million candidates are expected to appear for this exam.

JEE Main 2019 Analysis Physics

JEE Main 2019 Analysis Chemistry

JEE Main sample papers are mostly released by the examination authority. Soon after they release the notification, the sample papers of JEE Main 2019 are made available on the official website. These key highlights of these papers are that they are prepared according to the latest marking scheme for enhancing candidates’ JEE preparations. Students can download the pdf of JEE Main 2019 Sample papers along with their answer keys and detailed solutions from the links given below.

JEE Main Sample Papers 2019 With Solutions

Practising regularly with the JEE Main sample papers will help the students to identify both the important and less important topics for the examination. It will also assist the students to identify their strengths and weakness and accordingly, they can improve their weaker sections and score well in the main IIT JEE examination. The adequate practice of concepts with the help of sample papers and mock tests will help the candidates in gaining a better understanding of the exam. Also, candidates will get to know the type of questions to expect, the exam pattern and subsequently enhance their speed and time management. Students can further download the JEE Main sample papers given below to study productively.

JEE Main Questions and Complete Syllabus Sample Papers

Here are some of the important questions of JEE Main.

  1. At radioactive equilibrium, the ratio between the number of the atoms of two radioactive elements (X) and (Y) was found to be 3.2 × 109: 1 respectively. If the half-life of the element (X) is 1.6 × 1010 years, the half-life of the element (Y) would be
    1. 5 × 109 years
    2. 5 years
    3. 3.2 × 109 years
    4. 10 years
  1. Which among the given compounds is the poorest reducing agent?
    1. Atomic hydrogen
    2. Di-hydrogen
    3. Nascent hydrogen
    4. They have the same reducing strength.
  1. The quadrilateral formed by the lines y = ax + c, y = ax + d, y= bx + c and y = bx + d has area 18. The quadrilateral formed by the lines y = ax + c, y = ax – d, y= bx + c and y = bx – d has area 72. If a, b, c, d are positive integers then the least possible value of the sum a + b + c + d is
    1. 13
    2. 15
    3. 16
    4. 14

Candidates can also download and go through JEE Main complete syllabus sample papers to further gain better efficiency in solving the papers.

JEE Main Sample Paper Analysis

The pattern of JEE Main 2019 sample paper is almost similar to that of the previous year papers. The sample papers comprise of objective type multiple choice questions with the time duration of 3 hours.

JEE Main 2019 Sample Paper Pattern

Exam Duration

3 Hours

Total Marks

360 Marks

Total Questions

90 Questions

Section 1 – Physics

30 Questions, 4 marks Each

Section 2 – Chemistry

30 Questions, 4 marks Each

Section 3 – Maths

30 Questions, 4 marks Each

JEE Main Sample Paper Marking Scheme

  • +4 Marks for Correct Answer
  • -1 Mark for Incorrect Answer
  • No Negative Marking for unattempted questions

Importance Of Solving JEE Main Sample Paper

  • It helps to analyze your preparation level.
  • It gives you an idea about the topics important for the examination point of view.
  • It helps to understand the Exam pattern and its difficulty level.
  • It boosts your confidence and enhances your exam temperament.
  • Practising sample papers of JEE Main will give you an idea of the real exam scenario.

JEE Main Question Paper

In addition to the sample papers, we have also provided JEE Main question papers with solutions and answer keys. The students can download and practice these papers from the links given below.

Meanwhile, students can also check JEE Advanced Sample Papers for preparing well for the exams.

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