The primary education is very crucial for the students as it helps to prepare the base for higher education. In CBSE class 6 most of the topics are primarily focussed to prepare students for higher classes. For example, the topics like reflection and magnets are introduced which are some very important topics in higher standards.

The curriculum is designed by the CBSE and NCERT in a very thought-out way so that the students are introduced to some very important topics without degrading their interest in learning. The NCERT syllabus is followed by all the affiliated CBSE schools for 6th standard.

The syllabus is well strategized and require the students to get immersive and interactive learning. So, knowing proper syllabus and guidelines are very important for better preparation.

BYJU’S provide the best interactive and innovative lessons to make learning easy and enjoyable for CBSE Class 6 students. With this preparation, the students are not only prepared for school exams but are also prepared for higher classes.

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Practise This Question

Consider the following terms/phrases:

             1. Change in chromosome number

             2. Geographical isolation

             3. Competition for food

             4. Reproductive isolation

Which of these factors are responsible for speciation?