NCERT Syllabus Class 9 Geography

Geography is a branch of Social Science which is broadly concerned with the Earth. It explores both the physical properties of the Earth’s surface and the relationships between humans and their environment. Here, we have provided the NCERT Class 9 Geography Syllabus, which will help students in planning their studies in advance. It will also give an overview of the topics which students will study during the academic session.

Download the NCERT Class 9 Geography Syllabus PDF 2023-24

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The Geography Syllabus of NCERT Class 9 is composed of 6 chapters, as shown in the table below.

Geography: Contemporary India I

Chapter 1: India
Chapter 2: Physical Features of India
Chapter 3: Drainage
Chapter 4: Climate
Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 6: Population

The syllabus is designed as per the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005. Students must try to finish the syllabus by the end of January so that they get sufficient time for revision and solving the sample papers.

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