Biology Notes For Class 12

Biology notes for class 12 comprise of all the relevant concepts related to the theory part of the syllabus. These notes involve both the questions and answers which are most expected to appear in class 12 board examination.

Byju’s provides Bio notes for class 12 chapter wise which are in pdf format and students can easily view and download for their exam preparations. These notes include step-by-step explanations along with the neat and labelled diagrams to all the questions and are mainly based on the NCERT textbook. Students can refer these notes both for their home assignments and exam preparation.

Biology is the most interesting and scoring subjects with full of amazing facts and exclusive discoveries. The student can freely download these notes and prepare for the class 12 board exams by understanding every concept.

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The pollutants which are already present in nature, but are also released in substantial amounts by man are known as