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500+ Words Essay on Newspaper

The newspaper is one of the oldest means of communication, which provides information from all around the world. It contains news, editorials, features, articles on a variety of current topics and other information of public interest. Sometimes the word NEWS is interpreted as North, East, West and South. It means that the newspapers provide information from everywhere. The newspaper covers topics related to health, war, politics, climate forecast, economy, environment, agriculture, education, business, government policies, fashion, sports entertainment, etc. It covers regional, national and international news.

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Essay on Newspaper

The newspaper is the most authentic and reliable source of information as it only prints the news after proper investigation. Newspapers are delivered to our doorstep early in the morning. We can read the news by having a cup of tea and get to know what is going on around the world. Newspapers are economical as we get information at a very low cost. They are easily available and are also printed in different languages. Thus, newspapers make it easier for people to read news in their native language.

Newspapers cover different columns, and each column is reserved for a particular topic. The employment column provides information related to jobs. This column is very useful for youth who are searching for suitable jobs. Similarly, there are other columns, such as the matrimonial column for finding the perfect match for marriages, a political column for news related to politics, a sports column for analysis and opinion on sports updates, etc. Other than this, there are editorials, readers, and critics’ reviews that provide a wide variety of information.

History of Newspapers in India

The first newspaper to be printed in India was called Gazette Bengal. It was published by an Englishman, James Augustus Hicky in 1780. This newspaper was followed by the publication of other newspapers like the Indian Gazette, Calcutta Gazette, Madras Gazette Courier and Bombay Herald in the coming years. After the first freedom struggle of 1857, the number of newspapers appearing in different languages of India continued to grow. At the time of this freedom struggle, media expansion in India was not large. However, after India became independent, the expansion of newspapers continued.

Importance of Newspaper

A newspaper is an important prerequisite for democracy. It helps in the proper functioning of government bodies by making citizens informed about government work. Newspapers act as powerful public opinion changes. In the absence of a newspaper, we cannot have a true picture of our surroundings. It makes us realise that we are living in a dynamic world of knowledge and learning. Daily reading of the newspaper will help improve English grammar and vocabulary, which is especially helpful for students. It also improves reading skills along with learning skills. Thus, it enhances our knowledge and broadens our vision.

Newspapers contain advertisements which are essential to run a paper. So, along with news, newspapers are also a medium of advertising. Advertisements related to goods, services and recruitment are broadcast. There are also missing, lost-found, and government-release ads. Though these advertisements are useful most of the time, sometimes they result in misleading people. Many big companies and firms also advertise through newspapers to enhance their brand value in the market.

Disadvantages of Newspaper

There are numerous advantages of the newspaper, but on the other side, there are some drawbacks too. Newspapers are a source of exchanging diverse views. So, they can mould the opinion of people in positive and negative ways. Biased articles can cause riots, hatred and disunity. Sometimes immoral advertisements and vulgar pictures printed in the newspaper can severely damage society’s moral values.


Deletion of the vulgar ads and controversial articles removes the above-mentioned demerits of the newspaper to a great extent. Thus, an active reader cannot be misled and deceived by journalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Newspaper Essay


Is the newspaper still in use as much as in the earlier days?

Although news feeds and news channels instantly update us on the happenings around us, daily newspapers are very much still in use. Many people still refer to and wait for the news to be updated in these newspapers, even today.


What are the 5 main sections of a newspaper?

The five main sections of a newspaper are national/international news, sports, entertainment/amusement, classified advertisements, and neighbourhood news.


Who invented the newspaper?

Johann Carolus invented the first newspaper in Strasbourg, Germany.


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