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Music plays a crucial role in everyone’s lives. Music is present in nature in different forms. The songs of nature can be found in the sound of air, the gurgling sound of rivers, the thundering sound of sea waves, and the lighting sound of clouds. The sweet tones of nightingale, skylark & cuckoo are similar songs of nature. Music is in everything around us and can be found everywhere in the world. Music is the universal language of humanity and is used as a source of entertainment. It transforms our moods and rejuvenates us with good feelings. This “Music Essay” will improve students writing skills and help them score high marks in the exam.

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Music is the art of combining tones. The rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds forms expressive compositions. Different people like different kinds of music. It brings people together, whether through the same taste in music or the willingness to try something new or even performing music with others. Being a part of concerts, orchestra bands, or any kind of group, brings people closer to one another. Music is the fountain of sentiments, energy & love. The philosophy of human life, the eternal prayers of the soul, the singing in praise of the human spirit are merged in music. From saints down to people of the modern age, all great sages took the help of music to captivate the general public or to release the pent-up feeling of their own minds.

Benefits of Music

We all love music without any resistance. It is the answer to every question & solution to every problem. If we have a bad day, then we listen to music to make us feel better. At the end of the day, music makes everything better, and no day is complete without it. It helps people through hard times in their lives. Music helps us to express ourselves and inside feelings that we don’t usually let people know. Music affects our emotions. When we listen to happy songs, we feel happier. The upbeat songs and fast-paced rhythms fill us with energy, and we become active.

In all human beings, there is an artist’s mind & natural attraction for art. Music lends sound to the string of life and generates sentiment dormant in the mind of the listener. That’s why music has been regarded as the best carrier medium of emotion or sentiment. It is impossible for anyone to keep themself away from this overwhelming power of music. Rabindranath once said that music is life; there is manifestation of life in it. Music is a way to escape the busy schedules of life. It gives relief in pain and reduces the stress level. It helps us to calm down so we can enjoy the small moments of life. Moreover, it enriches the mind and gives us self confidence.

Music as a Powerful Medicine

Music has a powerful therapeutic effect on the human psyche. In the modern world, music is used as a therapy for the treatment of various diseases. Because of this power, music is said to have a healing capacity without the intake of any medicines. Doctors have also confirmed that music therapy is helpful in treating people with diseases like dementia, depression, dyslexia and trauma. Many children with learning disabilities and poor coordination have been able to learn and respond to set pieces of music. Many people who have a genetic disability have found a new light in the form of music. Music is a powerful aid to meditation and creating positive energies and vibrations around us. In many mediation workshops, music is used to make people more aware of their moods & feelings. People are made to lie down and empty their minds & then listen to the music. In this way, they experience different emotions and states of consciousness. Thus, music works as a powerful medicine to heal our pain.


Music inhales our mind and soul. Pain, tension, stress and worries everything is washed away with the gentle stream of music. Music is the global language, and it has no barriers. Music teaches us peace and harmony.

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Frequently asked Questions on Music Essay

How was music born?

Earlier music was first created by clapping hands or by making foot tapping noises.

What is sound healing?

It is a practise which uses vocal or instrumental vibrations to relax our stressed mind/ body.

Which is top music genre in the world?

Pop music is known to be the most popular music genre with maximum number of consumers around the world.

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