Last Minute Preparation Tips for Class 10 Science Board Exam

 Preparation Tips for Class 10

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct class 10th science board examination on 16th of March 2018. CBSE Class 10th science board exam is focussed on testing some basic concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology.  Class 10th Science is one of the major subjects that could help students in shaping up their entire career. Therefore, the students who are willing to continue science in their higher standards are advised to have a thorough conceptual understanding of concepts taught in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology so that they can have a strong foundational base from the very beginning itself.

With just a few weeks left for CBSE Class 10 science Board Examination, the students are advised to analyze each and every concept included in class 10 science syllabus and formulate an effective study plan accordingly. The question paper comprises of two sections, namely, Section A and B. In Section A, the questions are asked from the concepts taught in the NCERT textbooks whereas in Section B the question are asked from the practical components. There are total 6 two marks questions in Section B and 21 questions in Section A (one mark, two marks, three marks and five mark questions).

The students preparing for the board examination are usually nervous and stressed due to which they might get confused while learning complex concepts and formulas due to the peer pressure of covering the entire syllabus and securing good marks in the exam. Here are some important tips that can help students in securing a meritorious position in the examination.

Preparation tips for Class 10 Science Physics Section:

  1. From physics, conceptual and formula-based are mostly asked in the examination, therefore, memorize all the formulas and theorems included in the science syllabus thoroughly. Also, focus on Newton’s laws of motion and its applications.
  2. Practice numerical on the series and parallel combination of resistances. Numerical questions on lens and mirror formula are also important.
  3. Practice diagrams like lines of the magnetic field around a solenoid and a bar magnet, electric circuit diagram,  AC and DC generator, image formation by lenses and mirrors, the human eye, glass prism, image formation for both defected and correct vision.
  4. Practice previous year question papers and model test papers to get an idea about the topics relevant for the examination point of view.

Preparation tips for Class 10 Science Chemistry Section:

  1. Chemistry is easiest among the other two subjects. It is a high-scoring subject and requires lesser time for preparation. Learn the tips involved in balancing of chemical equations. Also, memorize the applications of acids, bases, and salts in everyday life.
  2. Every year two to three questions are asked form salts and its compounds, therefore, memorize their common names, preparation, chemical formula, and uses. Alos, focus on carbon compounds and it’s nomenclature containing functional groups.
  3. Make proper notes of all reactions involving the conversion compounds. These revision notes will assist in your last minute preparations.
  4. Understand the Modern periodic table with electronic configuration and memorize all the elements placed in the 1st and last two groups of the Periodic Table.
  5. Speed and accuracy can be acquired through extensive practice and in-depth preparation of the subject.

Preparation tips for Class 10 Science Biology Section:

  1. In biology, the students must practice diagrams like the representation of reflex action, respiratory system, the human brain, different parts of a flower, female and male reproductive organs, etc.
  2. Thoroughly prepare Mendel’s experiments and understand the traits Inheritance. In Biology, there are complex terminologies that could be memorized by doing regular revisions. It is always good to write and understand those terms to get acquainted with them.
  3. Understand the functions performed by the reproductive organs in humans and the reproduction process in plants.
  4. Biology comprises of several complex diagrams, therefore, give proper attention while practicing them.

Most importantly the students are advised to understand each line taught in NCERT textbook as most of the questions are taken directly from the concepts taught in the NCERT textbooks. Before appearing for the examination practice at least previous 5 to 6 years’ question papers and CBSE sample papers. It helps the students to understand the exam pattern and enhances their speed, accuracy, and time management skills. Following these techniques will surely ensure your excellent performance in the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Science Board Examination.

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