Effective Techniques to Answer in CBSE Board


CBSE Board exams always come with lots of stress, sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, a fast pulse, trembling hands and much more. Your brain is blended with different topics, questions, formulas, theorems and other content. You may be finished with your exam preparations but still fear losing marks or forgetting important answers while writing. This nervousness tends to cause you to lose concentration and drags you behind from performing well in the exams.

We are here with some golden tips and techniques to answer well in CBSE Board examinations.

Read the instructions carefully – On exam day, before moving forward to solve questions, dig into the instruction section of the question paper. Capture all the compulsory questions in your mind and choose some good questions from the choice questions. Marks are often lost by nervous or over-confident students who overlook instructions and make mistakes.

Read the questions carefully – Go through the whole paper first and then re-read each question to understand the actual requirement. Split the question into different parts, which attracts more marks than others. Plan your time so that you don’t miss any questions.

Select the best questions: Mark all the questions you might answer and then check if you can fully understand them. Check if you have some relevant knowledge, evidence and ideas related to the questions you choose to answer.

Plan before you Answer – Even if you are stressed working under time constraints at the exam hall, make sure to plate your ideas clearly and beautifully.

● Underline the important point in the answer.

● Explain your answers in points.

● Leave the required space between two answers.

● Highlight keywords.

Answer all the questions which attract more marks and don’t waste too much time on questions which attract very few marks.

If you are unable to understand how to start answering a question that asks you to explain briefly, imagine that you are explaining it to your friend. This will help you in framing your answer.


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