CBSE Class 7 Science Question Answers

The schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education follows the CBSE guidelines to frame their curriculum. Most of the books followed are by NCERT and which are always in accordance with the latest CBSE guidelines.

In class 7, students are introduced to a wide variety of topics in science which forms the foundation of a lot of higher level concepts. The topics like heat, electric current, light, etc. are extremely crucial for a student to understand concepts related to these chapter in their higher classes.

Along with studying the syllabus topics, students also need to solve the several CBSE class 7 science questions to get properly acquainted with the chapters and their related concepts. So, here are some CBSE class 7 science question answers that are given to help the students get exposed to a variety of question patterns and types from the CBSE Class 7 syllabus topics.

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