Class 11 Notes


Central Board of Secondary Education is an educational board in India for private and public schools in India which is managed by Union Government of India. The schools affiliated with central board of secondary education follows a similar curriculum which is designed by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research & Training).

CBSE class 11 is very important for a student because the chapters which are taught in class 11 are basic of the chapters which will be taught in class 12. So it is important for a student that he or she should read and understand each and every topic in a detailed way.

Having a study note handy during the exam days helps to recollect those chapters and important topics in a very short span of time.

Here at BYJU’S we have provided the class 11 notes which will help the students to study the subject in a very detailed way and concise way.

CBSE notes for class 11 include all the four subject: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

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