Science Models for CBSE Class 9

CBSE Science Models for Class 9


If students wish to pursue a course in science, they should be well aware of the relevant scientific concepts. The best way to do this would be to have an understanding of the inner workings of different machines, gadgets and so on by making the working models. Such CBSE Class 9 Science working models can inspire students to do and know more about science subjects like physics by fostering their curiosity to learn more.

The science working models for CBSE Class 9 mentioned below would be ideal for reaching this goal.

Make a Buzzer

Find out the step-by-step process of how to make a buzzer at home with the help of CBSE Class 9 Science working models. This working model mentioned above will give the students an idea about how a simple item like a buzzer can have an exciting mechanism.

How to Make a Wooden Generator

It would be an exciting venture for students to learn the working principles behind generators as a CBSE Class 9 Science project. Being a working model to display, you have to make it and provide a demo of its structure.

How to Make a Model of Seasons

Every person living on planet Earth be it a living thing or non-living thing, they are subject to the influence of changes in seasons. Learn more with the help of this CBSE Class 9 Science project.

How to Make a Lifter

A paper strip that has a shape of an accordion would be used to make a lifter for lifting flat figures, thus resulting in the formation of a 3-D diagram.


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