Science Projects

A science fair project allows you to pose your own question and answer it. Science is a very useful and fascinating subject, but it’s most amazing aspect is that despite its being very close to us “in our day-to-day lives, many of us choose to keep ourselves ignorant about even its most basic principles. Doing a science fair project involves developing and “owning” the question; researching literature; forming a hypothesis; experimenting and designing; organizing and gathering the data etc.Given its crucial importance in understanding our technical world and our function within it, you develop and apply skills in literary and laboratory research, statistical analysis, and public speaking, while gaining a sense of empowerment and building self-esteem

Here are few examples from which you can pick the best-suited science projects for your school science fair.

How to make a windmill

Free energy is what the world needs right now, and wind turbines or windmills are the best source of natural the world has right now. What can be a better idea than building a small scale windmill for your science project.

How to make a volcano

Ever wondered how a volcano works? Did you ever wanted to build a working model of a volcano? Now you can build your very own volcano model for your school science projects.

How to make a water clock

Time is an essential part of life and clocks give us the accurate value of it. Ever wondered how people measured time before the wooden, plastic or metal clocks that exist in your homes?

How to make a Potato Clock

Now you can build a clock that does not require any kind of batteries to run on, but simply regular potatoes. Did you know that potatoes are a great conductor of electricity? Learn how to make a clock with the help of just a potato.

Practise This Question

Which of the following hydroxides is amphoteric in nature?