Materials Required

  • Some smooth or flat object. Can make use of microscope Slide.
  • Fingerprint Powder or else can make use of fine powder such as cocoa, and talcum powder.
  • A Clear Tape.
  • Fingerprint Brush or a small brush that comprises of very soft bristles.
  • Once you have all the requirements, now press the finger against the microscope slide many times so that it would leave prints. One can make use of lotion for better results.
  • Place a slide on a piece of paper before starting the process.
  • Sprinkle some amount of powder gently on a microscope slide and brush excess of powder smoothly. This process may involve good practice. Make sure there is a fingerprint is intact.
  • Now use a piece of clear tape to cover the fingerprint firmly and then carefully lift it up. The print should be complied to the tape.
  • In Order to maintain this record of the print it is better to stick it to the contrasting paper.
  • Once your are expertise in dusting then you can try to test other surfaces such as doorknobs and many such materials in daily life.
  • Take a fingerprints of your family members, try comparing these prints with mystery prints.
  • Color few inches of paper with pencil then make rub the finger of a family member against a paper then press against the piece of tape (sticky side).
  • Take a white sheet and stick the tape to it. Label the prints accordingly.
  • Using fingerprint analysis sheet compare the prints.


The result was that patterns were visible.


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