Tuition for Class 6 - Activity-Based Learning

Levelling up from the primary grades can be a new experience for your child, but the complexity of the course can be overwhelming. While most of the parents have busy schedules, finding the right tuition for Class 6 can turn out to be a real challenge. These days, the parents have so many options, but they still struggle to decide and choose the best tuition. We at BYJU’S Tuition Centre have some unique methodologies for Class 6 tuition. We know that students love learning with videos and animation. Our tuition for Class 6 has high-quality videos that explain the concepts and keep the students glued to learning.

With our expert team on board, we can figure out the knowledge graph of a particular child by their learning patterns. We are currently running CBSE, ICSE and state board tutions for Class 6 Maths and Science subjects. Our pocket-friendly tuition never compromises on the quality of the provided study material and learning experience.

With our fun learning programs at BYJU’S Tuition Centre, we have a lot in our bag for your child to learn during Class 6 tuition classes. We are offering a wide range of online classes for Class 6 and offline classes as well. Some salient features of our tuition are mentioned below:

  • Benefit of learning at India’s largest ed-tech company
  • High-quality videos for better engagement of the child
  • Brightest minds hand-picked for teaching
  • Additional support via BYJU’S Learning App
  • Monthly Physical Tests at BYJU’S Tuition Centres

Benefits of Learning with BYJU’S Tuition Centre

The BYJU’S team have created a variety of learning methodologies which are customisable and highly engaging learning courses. With the help of our tuition and course materials, students will feel energised, engaged and participative throughout the learning process. Each chapter of the syllabus for Class 6 tuition is designed to have concepts with adaptive questions.

In this competitive world, if your child is weak in a particular subject or can’t understand a concept clearly, they might feel left out. Our expert team of teachers are specially trained to understand and fill these gaps while understanding and keeping track of your child. With our unique blend of offline or online tuition for Class 6 students, you can be assured of a one-on-one session for problem-solving.

At BYJU’S Tuition Centre, our aim is to create an encouraging platform for young geniuses who are goal-oriented at an early age. Our team of mentors are diligent and constantly work not only to make sure the students excel in academics but also focus on their overall growth and development. We have some exciting features which make us stand out from the others. Some of them are listed below:

  • Engaging video lessons to make learning an easy everyday exercise
  • Real-time doubt solving and concept clearing by our expert mentors and teachers
  • Personalised learning experience to identify and improve the child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A balance of study routine with the right number of tests, revisions and assessments
  • Regular homework and physical tests at BYJU’S Tuition Centres to make the students exam-ready and prepare them for bigger goals
  • First ever hybrid offering at BYJU’S Tuition Centres which involves online and offline learning
  • Superior classes delivered through a two-teacher model
  • Brilliantly designed course materials which are mapped to the syllabus
  • Regular revisions, unlimited practice and in-depth analysis to show real-time progress
  • Access to unlimited practice tests and lesson videos on the app which is available 24/7
  • Flexibility of choosing the time at your own convenience
  • Regular monitoring facilitated via revisions and assessment
  • Regular homework including ‘subjective’ questions to be submitted for detailed feedback from faculty

We constantly strive to provide better results and ensure result-oriented understanding in a child. In order to do that, we at BYJU’S Tuition Centre constantly encourage our students and their parents to provide us inputs and feedback. We believe in making learning fun and put all our efforts into making that a reality.

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