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Common Admission Test

Our shortcut techniques, strategies and learning videos make cracking the CAT exam a breeze.


CAT syllabus is very generalized and vast. The IIMs does not have a fixed syllabus for CAT but the questiosn are mostly based on the middle school Maths and English topics. In this article, CAT students are provided with the latest CAT 2018 syllabus. It should be noted that the syllabus given here is generalized. Before going to the CAT syllabus 2018, it is important to note some important details about the CAT exam.

The CAT (Common Admission Test) is a computer based test held in India every year by one of the IIM’s based on a policy of rotation. This test scores a person based on quantitative ability, verbal ability, data interpretation and logical reasoning. This test was started by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to select students for their various business administration programs using the test.

CAT is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management as a prerequisite for admission to various management programs of IIMs, Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and other institutions.

CAT preparation is considered as most crucial stepping stone for an IIM aspirant,where distinct planning and preparation according to the plan is required. Although, IIM’s - who conduct the CAT exam do not release the syllabus for the CAT exam, it is deduced through previous year’s CAT exam pattern and questions. Our panel of experts have predefined the syllabus and structure according to the latest exam and have provided a general guideline for the paper to follow for success in this examination.


CAT Examination Syllabus Structure 2018


Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Number SystemsTablesEnglish Usage or Grammar
Profit, Loss and DiscountCaseletsVocabulary Based (Synonyms/ Antonyms)
LCM and HCFBar GraphsFill in the blanks
Speed, Time and DistanceLine ChartsSentence Correction
PercentagesColumn GraphsCloze Passage
Time and WorkVenn DiagramsJumbled Paragraph
Ratio and ProportionPie ChartMeaning-Usage Match
AveragesOther Basic Reasoning QuestionsAnalogies or Reverse Analogies
Quadratic Equations & Linear EquationsCalendarsSummary Questions
Complex NumbersNumber and Letter SeriesVerbal Reasoning
Simple and Compound InterestClocksFacts-Inferences-Judgments
LogarithmVenn DiagramsReading Comprehension
Sequences and SeriesCubes
InequalitiesSeating Arrangement
ProbabilityBinary Logic
Surds and IndicesLogical Matching
Set Theory & FunctionLogical Sequence
Permutation and CombinationSyllogism
Mixtures and AlligationsLogical Connectives
TrigonometryBlood Relations
Coordinate Geometry

CAT syllabus does not predefine any specific topic or chapter on which the questions will be asked.One has to have a good fundamental knowledge of all the broad topics given above to be able to swiftly and accurately work out the problems related to respective section topics. BYJU’S CAT 2018 Program Structure has been planned and designed by India’s best CAT exam experts,which covers the entire CAT exam pattern planned in three phases of preparation:

Phase 1 - Concept Sessions

Phase 2 - Advanced Workshops

Phase 3 - Pattern Workshops

1. Basics will be covered
2. Learn different techniques to simplify each topic using lateral thinking & common sense
3. Focus on Concepts and not just Problem Solving
1. Learn tactics to solve advance level concepts
2. Application of uniqueshortcut techniques including Byju's copyrighted URL technique
3. Learn the art of correlating topics for solving problems
4. Master the tricks of getting maximum scores in minimum time
1. Solving of sample & previous year CAT Questions
2. Establishing unique patterns to questions & practising best ways to solve each pattern
3. Focus on Test taking strategies & understanding of the intricacies of question types in CAT


CAT is an exam where success comes from solving a maximum number of questions in a minimum possible time. The module covers the entire CAT syllabus in an extensive yet comprehensive manner. Therefore, our CAT preparation modules are created in such a way that it ensures you to give your best shot.

CAT 2018 Will be conducted on 25th November by IIM Calcutta. The applications for the same will be available from August 2018. Prepare with BYJU’S and claim your spot at the IIMs with our CAT preparation tips and tricks.