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CAT Exam Slot 1 Analysis 2022

CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2022: As per the latest official updates of IIM CAT, CAT 2022 successfully took place in three shifts on 27 November 2022 across the different exam centres in the country. The exam conducting body IIM Bangalore coordinated the exam and conducted the CAT 2022 exam in three slots. The exam was held at 410+ test centres spread across 156 cities in India.

More than 63000 candidates appeared for the 1st Slot, which was held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Across all three sections, the number of questions has been reduced, as announced earlier by CAT 2023 convenor Prof. Ashis Mishra. The duration of the test was 120 minutes, with a 40-minute time limit for each section.

Note that the CAT 2022 Exam Slot 1 is completed. The candidates can join with BYJU’S experts to examine the first take of the CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2022. It will help them to understand the CAT Exam Time slots, difficulty level, questions asked and other relevant details.

CAT Exam Slot 1 Analysis 2022 – Major Highlights

Here, we have shared all the latest updates of CAT Slot 1 analysis 2022, considering our experts’ review and students’ feedback.

  • The difficulty level of CAT 2022 was moderate.
  • CAT 2022 had 66 questions in total, which was similar to last year’s exam.
  • The distribution of the questions across each section is as follows:
    • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – 24
    • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning– 20
    • Quantitative Aptitude – 22
  • There were 49 multiple-choice questions and 17 non-multiple-choice questions as per CAT Slot 1 Analysis.
  • The difficulty level of VARC ranged from moderate to difficult, with DILR being the easiest of all the sections.
  • DILR consisted of 4 sets, out of which 1 set was difficult, and 3 were quite moderate to solve.
  • The marking scheme of CAT 2022 remained similar to that of the previous years. Three points were allotted for a correct answer and a negative marking of 1 mark for an incorrect answer. Non-MCQs were not subject to negative markings.

CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2022 of Question Paper Pattern

As far as the exam structure is concerned, the CAT exam slots followed the existing pattern and no changes have been made to it this year. The exam pattern for the first slot was as follows:


Total Questions


Total MCQs




40 minutes





40 minutes





40 minutes





120 minutes

49 Questions

17 Questions

CAT Exam Time Slots

As per the latest updates, CAT 2022 was conducted in three shifts from morning to evening. The candidates must appear in the allotted exam centres on this date before the reporting time, as disallow any type of misunderstanding.

CAT EXAM Time Slots Time
CAT Slot 1 exam 8:30 am – 10:30 pm
CAT Slot 2 exam 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
CAT Slot 3 exam 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

CAT Exam Slot 1 Analysis 2022 For VARC

The overall difficulty level of this section was moderate with 24 questions in total, divided into 21 questions MCQs and 3 TITA questions. Most of the questions were asked from RCs, with 16 questions in total for this part. The number of MCQs and TITA questions were 21 and 3, respectively.

Question composition for VA:

Passages Moderate Easy Difficult Total
Verbal Ability

(8 Questions)

Para Summary 3 3
Fill in the Blanks 1 1 2
Para Jumbles 1 2 1

Question composition for RC:

Passage Number Difficulty
Culture and Religion 4 Moderate
Primitive Anthropology and Buddhism 4 Easy
Philosophy, Stoicism & Epicureanism 4 Easy
Philosophy, Marx, Foucault & Habersman 4 Difficult

CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2022 QA

The questions in this section were easy to moderate. No changes had been made to the total number of questions, which was 22. Most importantly, time and work questions were not asked, but most of the questions were related to Ratios and Averages. Here is the topic-wise distribution of this section, as per CAT exam slot 1 analysis 2022.

Question composition for QA

Topics Number Difficulty Level
Number System 1 Difficult
Algebra 7 Tricky
Arithmetic 9 All but 2 doable
Modern Maths 2 1 Easy,

1 Difficult

Geometry and Mensuration 3 Easy

CAT Exam Slot 1 Analysis 2022 DILR

This section was moderate to solve, as no questions were asked on DI sets. A total of 20 LR-based questions were asked from the below-mentioned topics.

Question composition for DILR:

Topics Number Difficulty
Arrangement 5 Moderate
Analytical Grid Based 5 Doable
Routes and Networks 5 Doable
Numerical LR 5 Difficult

CAT Exam 2022 Slot 1 – Good Attempts & Overall Difficulty

The following table highlights the section-wise good attempts and overall difficulty level for CAT 2022. Note that, it is completely based on the CAT Slot 1 analysis, as done by our experts after the exam.


Level of Difficulty for Slot-1

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension


Data Interpretation &

Logical Reasoning


Quantitative Ability


Overall Difficulty Level

Moderate -Difficult

The CAT 2022 Slot 1 difficulty level was similar to CAT 2021. Section-wise, VARC was quite moderate, and good attempts, as expected by experts, were 38 to 40 questions. The difficulty level of DILR was lowered to the CAT 2021 level. The QA section ranged between moderate-difficult, and the exam conducting authority followed a similar pattern to the previous year. For QA, attempting 36-38 questions was sufficient to reach the cut-offs.

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Frequently Asked Questions on CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2022


Who will conduct CAT Exam Slot 1 analysis 2022?

The BYJU’S exam experts always conduct the CAT exam analysis after the exam. The candidates must check this analysis to know the exam difficulty level and expect their cutoffs.


Is slot 1 of CAT 2022 easy?

As per the CAT slot 1 analysis, the overall difficulty level of the slot 1 exam was moderate. The DILR section was moderate, as most of the questions were asked from LR.


Is it important to check the CAT exam slots analysis after the exam?

Yes, the candidates must check and review the CAT exam slots analysis after the exam. Because it will help them to know the exam difficulty level. Additionally, they can easily understand their performance in the exam.


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