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CAT Mock Test

CAT Mock Test: The candidates who are appearing in the upcoming exam in November 2023 start their preparation by attempting BYJU’S CAT mock test online. It is one of the most important materials to prepare for the exam. CAT Mock Test paper and the online test series play a major role in the overall CAT preparation. The CAT 2023 will be conducted tentatively on the last Sunday of November 2023. CAT Mock Test 2023 provides thousands of questions related to the updated CAT Syllabus for revisions, sectional tests to reach accuracy in each section of the syllabus, detailed solutions, and the score achieved by the aspirants. Please refer BYJU’S CAT College Predictor tool.

CAT Exam Mock Test cum online test series is prepared by BYJU’S exam experts by keeping in mind about the latest paper pattern, syllabus and topics. With the exam just around the corner, the candidates need to gear up with their preparation to ace the CAT Exam. The CAT Mock Test provides much-required practice to the candidates before they attempt the IIM set exam questions. At BYJU’S, aspirants are provided with CAT Mock Test Free to help them analyse their preparation and get acquainted with the actual exam paper.

Read the article below and know more about the Best Test Series for CAT. We at BYJU’S provide the best learning platform and allow one CAT free mock test to every candidate.

CAT Mock Test

BYJU’S Free Online CAT Mock Test Series

The CAT aspirants can also check the BYJU’S CAT Mock Test series, which gives a near simulation of the actual CAT exam. The candidates are also provided with their overall and sectional scores after the test to help in self-analysis along with detailed solutions. CAT is a national-level exam conducted once in a year to initiate the admission process to the top B-schools in India, including IIMS, FMS, IMT and many more

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Attempt CAT exam mock tests online which are curated by our experts to boost your revision.

CAT Mock Test Paper – Key Features

The following services are offered at BYJU’S for CAT Online Preparation:

  • Practice full-length online CAT Mock Test series according to the most recent exam format.
  • We offer solutions in addition to a doubt-clearing session where candidates can ask questions of subject-matter experts straight after the exam.

The best way to evaluate your preparation level is to attempt CAT free mock test, which is a complete replication of the actual exam. We always try to provide the best test series for CAT to the applicants so that they can score good ranks in the exam.

What is a CAT Mocks?

A CAT Mock Test online is a near replica of the real CAT exam, except that you are not attempting the real one yet. It is a practice test taken before the exam day to know where you stand in terms of the scores. Everything remains pretty much the same, whether it is the difficulty level, the topics, or the format. It is advisable to attempt 10-15 mock tests before the actual exam because it gives you a fair idea of how well-prepared you are.

CAT Mock Test Importance

Many of the leading CAT coaching centres have the best CAT online Test series designed for each year. CAT Mock Test is one of the most important strategies while preparing to write the CAT exam. Here are some of the benefits:

  • CAT Mocks are the most effective method for evaluating your preparation level and your performance. It can be a yardstick for improved results and helps you plan your ongoing preparation.
  • The more CAT mock paper you solve, the better you get at solving questions. This not only helps you to familiarise yourself with the questions that you are likely to encounter but also helps you in time management.
  • Most of the people who have cracked the CAT say that attempting CAT mock test paper is more important than textbooks, as it helps you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

So, by writing CAT mocks, the students get accustomed to pressure, similar to the one experienced in the real examination and get acquainted with the exam pattern and develop time management strategies to attempt each section. This test is almost similar to the actual exam and helps you know what really happens during the actual exam.

Mock tests give a repetitive set of exams. The more CAT test series you attempt, the better your chances are to finish the paper on time. However, it is very important to practise quality mock tests and analyse your progress.

CAT Mock Test Should Always be Followed by

After taking the online mock tests for CAT, be wise and follow the instructions below.

  • Analyse the Test

Analysis of the paper is something students often miss out on. So, CAT Mock Test Evaluation is very crucial. Writing mocks become futile if you do not analyse the paper immediately. Find out the sections and topics which are causing difficulty and work on a better time management strategy. Note down important formulas and shortcut techniques in a book.

  • Revision

Revise the topics which are causing you difficulty. It is the most important step you need to do after writing a mock test. As the saying goes – ‘Practice makes perfect’, you need to practise a lot of questions, CAT Mock Test paper on your weak topics and solve previous years’ papers for them.

For best results, the candidates are advised not to approach the CAT Mock Test online just to maximise the score. It is okay to have a low score in some mocks as long as you are learning and progressing with each CAT Mock Test. Your focus should be on improving your weaknesses. This will surely lead to a significant increase in your scores and your confidence in the exam.

Which is the Best Test Series for CAT?

  • The best CAT mock test series will fulfil the below conditions:
  • Replication of the actual exam pattern
  • Follow similar difficulty levels for all the questions
  • Follow the latest exam trends
  • Should contain an analysis of the questions at the end
  • Should be prepared by the exam experts

CAT Online Test Series 2023 – Syllabus to be Completed

We at BYJU’S always try to follow the updated syllabus and topics to help the candidates to complete their CAT Preparation in an effective way. Our CAT Mock Test include the below-mentioned sections:

  • VARC
  • DILR
  • QA

Note the table below to get an idea of the topics to be covered under these three exam sections:

Reading Comprehension



Error Correction

One Word

Vocabulary, etc.


Venn Diagrams

Graphs and Charts

Team Formation

Arrangements, etc.



Geometry and Mensuration

Modern Maths

Profit and Loss

Average, etc.

Keep visiting BYJU’S to take quality mock tests for CAT and prepare well for the exam. BYJU’S mock tests have the following advantages to make it more appropriate for the candidates to choose:

  • Quality
  • Personalised Result Analysis
  • Online Experience

These mock tests will make sure you touch each and every chapter that is included in the CAT syllabus. You will also get to understand the structure of the test. With this CAT Mock Paper, you will be able to get properly acquainted with the structure and time limit within which you need to answer the questions.

How many CAT Mock Test is Required Before the Exam Date?

As a general rule, if you are taking the CAT exam for the first time, it is advised that you can take at least 2-5 CAT Mock Test per month if you begin your CAT preparation now. This will allow you enough time to evaluate your performance, pinpoint your areas of improvement, and put those improvements into practice.

Download BYJU’S – The Learning App and start taking different CAT mock test to improve your chances of scoring well in the exam and getting selected for your preferred B-School.

Keep visiting BYJU’S to get more information about the CAT exam. Comment your queries below, and stay tuned for further updates.

Frequently Asked Questions CAT Mock Test


Is CAT Mock Test helpful for preparation?

An essential component of exam preparation is taking mock exams. Regularly taking CAT Mock Test will enable you to quickly assess your level of preparation and the areas that want improvement.


Do the questions in CAT repeat?

There is a low chance of repetition in the CAT Questions. But the trends of the questions can be repeated in terms of types and difficulty level.


Which mock test is best for CAT?

The BYJU’S offers the best CAT Mock Test series for candidates. There is also an opportunity to attempt the first CAT Mock Test for free.


What is the benefit of the online CAT Test Series?

Taking the online CAT Test Series will help you increase your speed and accuracy when answering questions on the test paper. In order to fill any gaps in their CAT preparation, candidates might use this tool.