How To Prepare For CAT Exam at Home

The Common Admission Test, or CAT, is India’s most popular MBA entrance exam, with over 2.30 lakh candidates taking it each year. It’s the gateway to India’s top business schools, the IIMs. As a first step, applicants should choose their method of preparation and create a preparation strategy that incorporates all of the factors that contribute to achieving a high percentile. How to prepare for the CAT exam is one of the most frequent questions asked by the CAT aspirants. To prepare for the CAT exam, candidates can either choose a coaching institute or choose to prepare by themselves from home. Both of the preparation modes have their respective benefits and choosing one of the modes solely depends upon one’s own preference. The method of preparation you choose will have a significant impact on the CAT percentile. While the CAT is a challenging exam to clear, students often ask how to prepare for CAT. Having the appropriate study plan and assistance will make you more confident and help you score well.

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There are several ways to prepare for the CAT Exam, including enrolling in the top coaching centers, self-study, peer group preparation, and so on. Candidates who intend to study for the CAT on their own should begin considerably sooner. Each mode of study has its own preparation phase. Experts say that candidates who want to study at home must start their preparation far ahead of time since they must focus on a large number of topics and complete them, as well as set aside adequate time to practise question papers and mock exams and review them.Getting a good CAT score is advantageous since it boosts your chances of getting into one of the finest management schools, but how you do it is equally crucial. Read through the article to get a comprehensive idea of CAT preparation at home.

Tips to Prepare for CAT 2022 at Home

A majority of the candidates follow coaching institutes for CAT preparation. Whereas, some candidates who think that they can do well through their own methods opt for self study preparation. The reason for this could be that coaching centres charge a hefty sum of money or a determination to do very well with self-study. The following are some preparation tips which will help candidates in their CAT Exam 2022 preparation

Understand Well about the Exam

Before getting into the preparation tips for the CAT Exam, the first thing one should know is the syllabus of CAT and the exam pattern in detail. Having a comprehensive understanding of the exam syllabus gives you an overview of the topics which require more and considerable weightage. It also helps you to plan your preparation accordingly.

Time Management

Make a detailed timetable and allot appropriate time for each subject, as well as time for revision, practice sessions, newspaper reading and taking mock examinations. Stick onto the time management strategy consistently. Without time management, it would be difficult for candidates to prepare in an orderly manner. Following different time-tables every other day, and choosing subjects at random would result in an imbalanced approach towards each subjects

Study Material

There are a lot of study materials available in local stores as well as in online markets. Choosing the right study material is a challenge. We at BYJU’S provide study materials in the form of video lectures, which are prepared by the best CAT trainers of the country. Using BYJU’S video lectures you can study at your own place at your own time, you can also track your progress by taking frequent tests.

Past Year Papers

This is the most important part of preparation. It is a mandatory requirement for every aspirant to solve as many CAT Past year questions as possible. Candidates should solve previous year question papers, as this will give them a clear idea about the type of questions asked in the exam and help them get acquainted with the exam setting, question paper pattern, repeated questions etc.

Online Mock Test

If you are done with your preparation, it is necessary to test your knowledge by taking online tests, available at different websites. These test scores will show you how much you need to study and which topic to study more. Take at least two online mock tests in a week. Note down your mistakes and try to avoid them in the next mock test. As the exam approaches and once the admit card is released, candidates are advised to attempt the mock tests in the allotted time of their exams

Study Group

You should make a small group where everyone can throw their ideas on solving different questions in different ways. Teach your friends about the topics that you are thorough of and ask them for the same, this will help everyone in the group to study efficiently. Clear each other’s doubts. Try to solve the same question papers together and check who completes the paper first. This will help you to improve your efficiency to solve questions.

Study Online

Browse the internet, visit educational websites, read their study materials, read news as this will help you to improve your general awareness. Download the free mock papers available over the internet because nothing is cheaper than free.

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