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Following is the reaction between aluminum and potassium hydroxide: \(2Al+2KOH+6H_{2}Orightarrow 2K[Al(OH)_{4}]+3H_{2}\)
Corrosion is defined as the process in which metal with atmospheric moisture and chemicals resulting in the formation of rust. Following is an
When sodium carbonate is dissolved in water it gets hydrolyzed and forms a weak acid, carbonic acid, and a strong base: sodium hydroxide.
Consider the solutions to be A and B respectivelyLet X litres of A be mixed with Y litres of BGiven that, X + Y = 21 (equ.1)Quantity of acid
Rancidity is defined as a state of food in which the food becomes undesirable. Most of the times rancidity is used for explaining the oxygen
Select the correct option for the most meta directing group: a) NO2 b) OCH3 c) CHO d) CONH2 The correct option is a) NO2 Meta directors
a) Ethyne Molar mass of C2H2 = 2 x atomic mass of C + 2 x atomic mass of H = 2 x 12 + 2 x 1 = 26u b) Sulphur molecule Molar mass of S8 = 8 x
Following are the steps followed for naming the elements in the periodic table: a) Since elements names are not proper nouns, IUPAC names are
Following are the steps that are involved in clarifying wastewater: a) Filtration and sedimentation processes are used for removing insoluble
Given, 5.6g of nitrogen Atomic mass of nitrogen = 14u We know that, Molar atmoic mass of nitrogen = 14g mol-1 Molar mass of N2 = 2 x 14g

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