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JEE Syllabus 2019

JEE Syllabus 2019 for Mains and Advanced is published by the conducting authority. The students can access the latest syllabus of IIT JEE 2019 for individual subjects from the corresponding links provided in this page. The Joint Entrance exam is a primary filter used by IITs, NITs, IIITs and other premier institutes like IISC, and […]

FAQ on Hoffmann Bromamide Reaction in…

Hoffmann bromamide reaction is one of the most important reactions in organic chemistry, included in JEE syllabus. It is one of the major reactions for the synthesis of primary amines. Some FAQs related to Hoffmann bromamide reactions are: What is Hoffmann bromamide reaction? When an amide is treated with bromine in an aqueous or ethanolic […]

Electrochemistry IIT JEE Study Materi…

Electrochemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical changes produced by electric current and the electricity generation by chemical changes. An electrochemical cell consists of 2 metallic conductors known as electrodes in contact with an ionic conductor i.e. an electrolyte. The electrolyte and the electrode comprise an Electrode Compartment. An Electrolytic Cells […]

Energetics IIT JEE Study Material

Energetics is the study of the transformation of energy. It is also referred as the energy economics. The flow of energy is at all scales i.e. from the quantum phase to the biosphere and the universe. It is a broad discipline that includes chemistry, thermodynamics, biological energetics, ecological, and biochemistry energetics. Therefore, it is the […]

Best Books for IIT JEE (Mains and Adv…

JEE preparation is incomplete without books. The Best books for JEE preparation are the ones which will give you precise theory on the concepts and an adequate variety of problems to retain those concepts. With just a few months left for the JEE Advanced 2018, students are advised to brush up their concepts from the […]

National Science Olympiad – Pap…

NSO National Science Olympiad (NSO), conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), is one of the most common talent search competition organization in India and abroad. A huge number of students from India and elsewhere take this examination to prove their mettle and be a part of the prodigious crowd.The exam tests you on various parameters […]

KCET Eligibility Criteria

Karnataka Common Entrance Test or KCET is a common entrance exam organized by KEA (Karnataka Examinations Authority) every year for candidates aspiring to study different courses within the State of Karnataka. CET offers the students quality education and better future but to undertake CET; a candidate must satisfy the eligibility as listed by KEA. To […]

Center Of Mass IIT JEE Study Material

Centre of mass is the point where all the mass of an object is concentrated. If you support a body from its center of mass, the net torque on the body will be zero and the body will be in static equilibrium. The center of gravity is based on weight, while the center of mass […]

Tips & Tricks For Droppers To Pr…

The IITs, NITs, IIITs are some of the most coveted and elite institutions for students seeking admissions into engineering courses. A number of aspiring students, who hope to be a part of these renowned colleges, take the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). JEE is held in two stages, the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced. The […]

System of Particles

An object of an ordinary size which we call a “macroscopic” system contains a huge number of atoms or molecules. It is out of the question to attempt to use the laws we have discussed for a single particle to describe separately each particle in such a system. There are nevertheless some relatively simple aspects […]

Practise This Question

Have you seen long highway roads that never meet and are the same distance apart everywhere? What would such roads be called, in mathematical terms?