HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 7 Circular Motion

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 7 Circular Motion is provided here with a fresh approach and extensive coverage of various topics related to the vertical and horizontal component of velocity and angular velocity etc. These books are highly recommended and will help students develop better skills and prepare efficiently for IIT JEE as well as other competitive exams. However, in this chapter;

  • We will be seeing questions on the distance between Earth and Moon is given and students have to find the acceleration.
  • We will be solving questions related to types of acceleration such as radial acceleration, tangential acceleration and magnitude of the acceleration
  • We will deal with questions on the angle of banking and deal with problems related to the centripetal force of the electron.

To further help students understand the concept clearly, the HCV Solutions Vol 1 provided here have been developed by experts. These solutions contain accurate answers to all the questions asked in chapter 7 of the HC Verma book for class 11. Practising the problems given in solutions will definitely help students clear their doubts and perform better in the exams.

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Students will get to know about topics like;

  1. Angular Variables
  2. Unit Vectors along the Radius and the Tangent
  3. Acceleration in Circular Motion
  4. Dynamics of Circular Motion
  5. Circular Turnings and Banking of Roads
  6. Centrifugal Force
  7. Effect of Earth’s Rotation on Apparent Weight

Important Questions In Chapter 7

  1. A car moves on a horizontal road with a uniform velocity. Can the car be accelerated to gain some speed without increasing the petrol flow rate into the engine?
  2. An eagle while hunting for its prey sees its target on one side and it takes a sharp left turn. Where does the eagle get the centripetal force from?
  3. A small piece of metal with mass m is tied to a thread measuring length 1. The metal is rotated in a circular motion and the other end of the string is tied at the centre. The speed of the metal body is v. What will happen to the metal piece if the thread cuts in between. (a) move away from the centre (b) move towards the centre (c) comes to a halt and stops (d) be thrown along a tangent
  4. Suppose one day the earth stops rotating. What will happen to the apparent value of g on its surface?               (a) remain the same everywhere (b) decrease everywhere (c) increase everywhere (d) increase at some places and remain the same at some places.
  5. When an object is moving along a curved path what quantities will remain constant during the motion?          (a) the magnitude of acceleration (b) velocity (c) acceleration (d) speed.

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Circular Motion Chapter 7